Car modification atrocities that’ll shock you

We live in a world that loves uniqueness. The desire to become unique is certainly evident among the car modifiers. Some of the modifiers go out of the way to do the job with little more passion than what’s needed for the job. Here are 10 atrocities from the modified world of automobiles.

Mitsubishi Cedia


For the love of convertibles, people go to any length by chopping the top off. But this modifier has done to make the car look similar to Mercedes-Benz convertible. The soft top roof is only for the rear two passengers and the cover looks unimpressive.

The owner has also installed individual screens for rear passengers. An onlooker will have to spend a good knowledge and time to figure out the original car, which is a Cedia. The car also gets bright red interiors and Mercedes-Benz logo on the steering wheel.


Maruti  Gypsy


Talk about high visibility and this car sits right on top of any other vehicle. The legendary Maruti Gypsy has gone through a lot of hammers, metal cutters, paint but no imagination to become like this. The highlight is the paint of the car, which is beyond the acceptable visible spectrum of human eyes.


The car also loses its doors and gets bars instead. The interiors have received red seats which are Sparco rip off. The spare tyre gets dedicated space in the rear with a thick net to protect it from any attackers. Now that you have seen this Gypsy, you can’t unsee it ever.

Chevrolet Cruze


The diesel rocket from America looks muscular in its stock form. The Cruze with its muscular bulges on the body makes it a good looking car. The owner got inspired by another car manufacturer in America to make the Cruze look like something that it should not have.


The Cruze gets a Dodge inspired grille but done in a very cheap way. The car also gets projector headlamps and DRL LED stripe on the fog lamps. It does not end here, on the rear, the Cruze gets a huge wing for the unknown reasons. Well, whatever the reason is, the certainly was not to make the car look better.

Tata Indigo


We Indians love big SUVs because of their muscular looks. The only muscle car available in India is way too expensive for common buyers like us. It is a good idea to transform a normal looking budget car to a muscle car.


This Tata Indigo has gone bit far with the mods to look like a muscle car. There is a huge scoop on the bonnet and it is laden with chrome. The interior  gets red inserts to match with the butch looks. This is something Tata Indigo designer should never see if he wants a peaceful sleep at night.

Honda City ZX


BMW cars are one good looking breed of cars. Many of the enthusiasts always dream to having one in the garage. Well, this Honda City ZX also aspired to become BMW and here is the result that does not look very good.


The car looks horrible with a body kit and yellow painted alloys mimic the BMW Z3. There is kidney grille up front and scoop on the bonnet with BMW logo sitting on it. The car also get a lion face in place of the logo in the rear and huge wing to attract more eyeballs.

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