Ten car mods true enthusiasts will never even consider

There are a few things that a true enthusiast would never do to their car. Here are 10 such things

Fake badges

fake badge

Everyday you will come across people who have put fake badges or stickers on their car, be it a Ferrari sticker on an auto or any other car or the Mercedes logo on non Mercedes cars. A true enthusiast will never but on fake badges onto his car in a bid to show off. Realistically, just putting a Ferrari logo on any vehicle ain’t making it go any faster and it isn’t going to make your vehicle become one either.

Massive rear wing


A rear wing is useful to provide down force by pushing the rear end of the car down if you are going really fast. Otherwise, it is just sitting at the back to make your vehicle look cooler. However putting a massive spoiler at the back of your normal car will do you more harm than good. Massive wings will increase drag and reduce speed of the car. If you are driving a really fast car, you can afford it, but if you aren’t, might as well opt for a smaller wing.

Excessive lighting

light bar

Yes, India doesn’t have street lights everywhere and if you do venture onto the highways at night, you will need extra lighting to improve your visibility. Even if you go off-road, you will need additional auxiliary lights to guide you through the dark. However adding multiple light bars and multiple auxiliary lights all over the front of the vehicle is something that is not advisable and is something that no enthusiast would do. If you do require additional lighting, they are meant to be turned on only when needed, not while driving in day to day city conditions.

Replica builds


A replica build is when one vehicle is turned to look like another one. There have been many replica builds that have been done in the country, like a Ferrari F430, Bugatti Veyron, etc. A true car enthusiast would never opt for a to build a replica car since the car loses it’s originality then. Yes, there are a lot of kit cars available abroad but that would be like wearing a Chinese knock off Rolex.

Massive exhaust mufflers


When people are getting their exhaust system replaced, they think going in for a larger muffler and piping will make the car look and sound better. However, that is not the case. Some amount of back pressure is required in the system to make sure the scavenging takes place better. Putting huge mufflers will certainly improve flow but may not increase power and it may not look good either.

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