India’s First Black 2024 Maruti Swift Is A Wrap Job Done Right [Video]

2024 maruti swift all black wrap

It has not been a long time since the launch of the 2024 Maruti Swift. We have already seen multiple examples of base to top conversions of the new Swift along with multiple tastefully modified examples. These examples started surfacing the internet even before the deliveries began officially. Today, we will cover a beautifully modified 2024 Swift which is loaded with aftermarket mods along with the base to top conversion. Also, the color of this Swift has been changed to black. For those unaware, Maruti is yet to launch black color in the 2024 Swift.

The modified Swift is showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445. The YouTuber claims this as the first modified Swift 2024 in India which is finished in black and loaded with 20-inch alloy wheels.

The video starts with the uncovering of the car. After the sheets are dropped, a beautifully wrapped black colored Swift is revealed. Now, let’s dive into the details of the car.

Originally, this car was finished in white but it has been wrapped with black PPF (Paint Protection Film). The host starts with the changes done to the front fascia of the car. The fog lamp housing and the front skid plate have been painted to glossy black from matte black. The headlights have been upgraded to top model’s lights. Additionally, the bulb of the projector has been replaced to a multi-color LED.

India’s First Black 2024 Maruti Swift Is A Wrap Job Done Right [Video]

The major highlight of this modification lies in the side profile of the car. The original 15-inch steel rims have been upgraded and replaced with 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. These alloy wheels beautifully compliment the design of the hatchback. As this is the base trim, the ORVMs and the door handles were not body colored. Both of these parts have been painted.

The ORVMs have been upgraded to include the indicators along with electric adjustment and folding functionality. However, the fender mounted indicators have not been removed. No upgrades have been done to the rear profile of the car.

The host states that as this car was originally white, the major parts of the car had to be removed to cover the car in PPF. This is because if the inner parts of the body are not covered with black PPF, they may be visible through the crevices. He adds that if the original color of the car was black, this process becomes much easier as they only have to cover the outer parts. Black PPF is also a great option for people who want to restore their car.

Regarding the warranty, the host mentions that colored PPFs have a warranty period of three years. Other options in colored PPF include red, sky, Nardo grey, gloss white, pearl white and some other colors depending on the shop.

The video does not show the interior of the car and it does not talk about any changes done to the cabin. The main focus of this video was to show the possibility of converting a car to black as many people love black cars. Additionally, the maintenance of black PPF is far less than the maintenance of black painted car.