Owner Reviews The New Maruti Swift After Driving It In The Mountains [Video]

new maruti swift driven in mountains

Maruti has recently launched the much awaited 2024 Swift. As the car is now powered by a new less powerful three cylinder engine, people are concerned regarding its performance. The power figures of the new engine and the old engine are quite similar. Today, we will cover a review of the new Swift with special emphasis on its performance on both plains and hills.

The review video is uploaded by DDS on YouTube. Now, let’s start with the video. The owner of the Swift took the Swift along with a Baleno to the hills. The Swift shown in the video is the LXi trim which has been converted from base to top.

The owner took the car to Manali. He mentions that the Swift struggled to climb an incline. They tried 2-3 times with momentum but the car failed to climb up. On the other hand, the Baleno easily climbed the same incline without many efforts. He adds that the Swift required frequent downshifting and the third gear of the car lacks power.

Meanwhile, the Baleno could be easily driven on the third and fourth gears while the Swift had to be driven in first and second gear. The lack of power is pretty evident in the Swift. He mentions that the Baleno feels much powerful. He adds that the Swift is a complete failure for mountains and it is very uncomfortable to drive the car in hills due to the frequent gear shifting.

Owner Reviews The New Maruti Swift After Driving It In The Mountains [Video]

Regarding the mileage of both the cars, the owner says that there was a difference of just 0.4 kmpl. The Swift delivered a mileage of 17.8 kmpl while the Baleno delivered a mileage of 17.4 kmpl.

The owner adds that they measured fuel efficiency by tank to tank method and not through the MID.  Both the hatchbacks were fitted with aftermarket alloy wheels and had two passengers.

Commenting on the high speed stability, the owner mentions that after the speed of 120 kmph, the car feels very unstable and does not give the confidence to drive at higher speeds. He adds that the previous generation of Swift felt the same. The Baleno feels better in terms of high speed stability.

In terms of cabin space, the Baleno is much better and spacious. He mentions that the build quality of the old Swift and the new Swift is the same. He adds that this car is not suitable for highway drives and long drives. The Swift is a more practical car for daily commute in the city. For highway runs and long drives, the Baleno is clearly a better option.

The new Swift is powered by a 1.2-litre three cylinder engine which delivers 80 PS and 111 Nm of torque. In contrast, the 1.2-litre four cylinder engine of the Baleno produces 90 PS and 113 Nm. Transmission options are same in both the cars which includes a 5-speed manual and an AMT. Those who want a torque converter and more performance may opt for the Fronx, which is basically the crossover version of the Baleno with a 1 liter turbo petrol engine and a 6 speed torque converter automatic gearbox option.