450 Bhp Honda City That Weighs Just 850 Kg Is Batshit Insane [Video]

450 bhp honda city vtec featured

Honda City is one of the most versatile and tuner friendly car in the Indian market. Even though the current generations of the car have lost the JDM vibe, the earlier generations of this sedan were perfect for a JDM build. Today, we will cover a third generation Honda City which has been modded to generate shit ton of power along with an impressive power to weight ratio. The car is shown in a YouTube video uploaded by The Drivers Hub.

As this is a performance focused build, first let’s talk about its engine and power figures. The sedan is powered by the 1.5-litre engine which has been custom built. There are multiple changes done to the engine which are as following:

• Forged rods
• Forged pistons
• Stage 3 Turbo Cam
• Custom built header
• APR head struts
• Block brace
• Lightweight fly wheel
• Stage 3+ clutch
• Closed ration gearbox with custom gear ratios
• Quaife LSD
• Garrett 2871 GTX turbo
• Turbo smart external waste gate
• Blowoff valve
• Edelbrock intake manifold with ported runners and secondary injectors
• Edelbrock 64mm throttle body
• 750cc set of injectors
• Map sensor
• Mishimoto turbo hoses
• Aluminum radiator
• Relocated battery
• AEM fuel pressure regulator
• High flow Denzo fuel pump
• Upgraded wiring
• Upgraded air intake
• 2 and ½ custom exhausts
• Autometer digital odometer and speedometer
• Wideband AFR gauge
• Fully adjustable coilovers
• Upgraded braking system

450 Bhp Honda City That Weighs Just 850 Kg Is Batshit Insane [Video]

And this is not all; the list goes on and on. The host adds that all parts other than the chassis, shell and some parts of the interior are upgraded. The Youtuber calls this build as the fastest V-Tec build in India and he may not be wrong as this Honda City produces mind boggling 450 Bhp.

If that was not impressive, this car just weighs 850 kgs. The power to weight ratio is 0.52 HP per kg of weight. The host calls this sedan as a race car for the streets. Talking about the numbers, this car can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. That’s supercar-like performance in a car that costs 1/20th the price of the most affordable supercar in the Indian market.

The entire car has been custom wrapped with custom graphics that compliment the build. The host shifts to the interior of the car which has been upgraded as well. The changes in the cabin include Sparco racing seats with safety harnesses, OMP steering wheel, a manual handbrake and multiple additional gauges to track stats.

Additionally, as this is a race spec car, a roll cage has been added to increase the safety. The host adds that the side visibility of the car is not that good but the seating position is perfect for the front visibility.

Overall, we can say that this car is a perfect example of a good JDM build. JDM touches such as yellow headlights are also added to the car. As the tuning culture is picking up pace in the country, we are excited to see much more tastefully upgraded cars. We must conclude this story with a word of caution though. Such cars, how much ever fun to drive, are illegal on regular roads.