Bus Conductor’s Crazy Sharp Reflex Saves Passenger [Video]

bus conductor sharp reflex kerala

Private buses are often in the news for rash driving and accidents. However, we have now come across a video online where the reflexes of a bus conductor actually saved the life of a passenger in the bus. The incident happened in Kerala’s Kollam district. The video was recorded by the CCTV camera installed inside the bus. The video was posted online and it has now gone viral all over the internet.

The video has been circulating on various social media platforms. The video seen here is shared by Arhant Shelby on their X profile (Twitter). As per various reports that have surfaced online, the passenger had just boarded the bus from the stop and he purchased a ticket to get off at the next one.

He was standing next to the bus conductor near the door. He was holding his phone in his left hand and holding the railing on the back of a seat. The passenger was actually standing there to collect the balance amount. As he was standing, the bus approached a curve and the driver turned the bus.

The person standing by the door was not holding on to the rails tightly and as the bus turned, he lost balance and fell on the step. In a bid to save himself, the person held on to the door of the bus but, unfortunately, the door opened. All this happened in a matter of seconds. The conductor who was standing knew something was wrong but, he didn’t have the time to turn around and look.

Bus Conductor’s Crazy Sharp Reflex Saves Passenger [Video]
Bus conductor saves passenger

When he noticed that the person standing behind him had lost balance, he stretched his hand and luckily, the passenger got hold of the conductor’s hand. If the conductor had not reached for the passenger, he would have fallen from the bus onto the road and injured himself seriously. The chances of him getting his head injured were pretty high.

The bus conductor pulled him up and asked him to sit somewhere in the front. All this happened in just a matter of seconds. The bus driver was also alert and he saw the rear door opening. He immediately applied the brakes and stopped the bus. By the time the bus stopped, everything was over.

Most buses in Kerala have a written notification which asks passengers not to travel or stand on the footboard of the bus. This is to avoid inconvenience to other passengers as well as for their own safety. Most buses have automatic opening and closing doors; however, this one seems to be an older model with manual doors.

It is very easy to lose balance while standing in a moving bus. In order to avoid such incidents, it is always advised to hold on to the grab handles tightly or else find a seat. Most buses in Kerala, be they private or government, are driven rashly and this often causes accidents.

Some time ago, we came across a report where a KSRTC bus was spilling diesel on a curve in Kerala and people passing through this road were losing control and falling on the road and injuring themselves.