Camel Stuck In Car: What Really Happened Here? [Video]

Camel stuck in car

Indian highways are not for the faint-hearted, especially at night. Hundreds of accidents are reported from different parts of the country every day. Here we have a new video coming from Rajasthan where a car ran into a camel on the road. The animal was actually stuck in the car for several hours before being rescued.

The video has been shared by Aaj Tak on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see a camel stuck inside a Maruti Alto hatchback. The accident happened in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh district. The car had crashed into the camel, and the animal was stuck inside the car as it broke the front windscreen and went in.

We can see the animal trying to escape from the vehicle. Sadly, it can’t, as its body is stuck inside the car. The roof, front windshield, and A-pillars are all damaged in this case. The bonnet and bumper of the car also look damaged from the crash. According to the report, the driver of the Maruti Alto was passing through the road at around 9 PM.

There was not much light on the highway, and it was dark. The driver couldn’t spot the animal on the road. Near Bhukarka village in Nohar Tehsil of Hanumangarh district, the car crashed into the animal. The driver did not see the animal on the road, and by the time he noticed, there was no time to slow down or stop. The car crashed into the animal, and the camel broke the windshield and got stuck.

The driver of the Maruti Alto hatchback suffered minor injuries. He was actually scared, as he was not expecting anything like this to happen on his drive. He was taken to a nearby hospital for medical assistance. The camel stuck in the vehicle was scared too. It was trying to escape from the vehicle, but its efforts were in vain.

Camel Stuck In Car: What Really Happened Here? [Video]
Camel stuck in car

The animal remained stuck in the vehicle for hours, creating a traffic jam. A crane was called to the spot, and the camel was pulled out of the car. A veterinarian was also called to the spot to check if the animal had any major injuries.

Animals on Road

This is a major problem in many parts of the country. Be it highways or city roads, there is always a possibility that a stray animal, like cattle or a dog, might come in front of your vehicle. The chances of such accidents happening go up at night because many of our highways and roads are not very well-lit.

One has to be extremely alert while driving on roads. Last year, we came across an incident where a Hyundai Creta hit a Nilgai at high speed. The driver and occupants in the car were safe; however, the SUV’s front was damaged. The Nilgai came out from one side of the road, sprinting towards the other end. The Hyundai Creta driver could not react in time and crashed straight into the Nilgai. Always maintain a safe speed while driving at night, and be alert, especially when driving through a road that cuts through the forest.