Careless Kid Crossing The Road Hit By Car: Who’s At Fault? [Video]

kerala kid crossing road vs car

Indian roads are full of surprises. There are several videos online that prove this statement right. One has to be extremely careful while driving or even walking on the road. At times, it is the driver or rider who is blamed. In other cases, there are pedestrians who are blamed, and there are even cases where wrongly parked vehicles become the reason for accidents. Here we have a video from Kerala where a kid crossing the road in a hurry was actually hit by a speeding car. Who was at fault in this case? Let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been circulating on various social media platforms. It was reported from Kerala’s Ernakulam district. In this video, we see a bus stopped on the side of the road to board and deboard its passengers. A kid who probably got down from the bus is seen walking on the zebra lines in a hurry. He is careless and is not looking for traffic from both sides.

There is a vehicle parked behind the bus, and the video was recorded on the dashcam of this vehicle. Just as the kid crosses the second vehicle, a Skoda Rapid sedan coming from behind the bus hits the kid. If you look at the video carefully, the kid narrowly missed getting crushed by the car. The kid hit the front fender of the car and was thrown away.

The kid was not looking at the vehicles and was careless. After the car hit the kid, the car driver probably panicked. The driver did not stop and fled the spot. We can see locals running behind the vehicle, and there were others who came running to the kid to offer help. They checked the kid and later picked him up and moved him to the side of the road.

It looks like the kid only suffered minor injuries. He was probably in shock as he was not expecting anything like this to happen.

Who’s at fault?

It is one of those cases where all the parties are at fault. We will break it down for you. The kid here is definitely at fault. We can clearly see that he was trying to cross the road in a hurry even without looking at the oncoming traffic. One should never run or hurry while crossing the road, as the chances of falling or not noticing a vehicle are high in such cases.

Careless Kid Crossing The Road Hit By Car: Who’s At Fault? [Video]
Kid crossing road hit by car

The next party at fault here is the car driver. The driver of the car should have been a lot more patient. The car was overtaking other vehicles at a bus stop where there was traffic and people. He or she should have been a lot more careful. It looked like the sedan was being driven at a speed higher than usual. This means the driver never got enough time to slow down or stop even if he wanted to.

Other than this, the car driver fled the spot. He should have ideally stopped after hitting the kid. The car driver did not check on the kid and simply continued driving. This is actually an offense. In cases of an accident, it is the duty of the driver to stop the vehicle, check for injuries, call an ambulance, and inform the police about the accident. Not doing so is an offense, and many people do not know that.

The third culprit in this case is the bus and the vehicle parked behind it. If you look carefully, the blue private bus has actually stopped on the pedestrian crossing. The vehicle that recorded the video is parked before the pedestrian crossing. Both these vehicles were actually blocking the view of the pedestrian, and they could not clearly see the oncoming traffic. This also contributed to the accident.