Careless Kia Seltos Driver Rear-Ends Scooter On a Busy Bengaluru Road: Dashcam Video

kia seltos rear-ends scooter bengaluru

Careless riding and driving is the major cause of accidents on Indian roads. Accidents happen on Indian roads almost every day, and with more people installing dashcams in their cars, we get to see more videos of them on the internet. Here we have one such video from Bengaluru where a careless Kia Seltos driver crashed into a scooter rider from the rear.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his Facebook page. The video was probably sent to him by one of his followers online, as mentioned in the post. The video was recorded on the rear dash camera of the follower’s car. The car was moving through a busy city road when the driver saw the traffic signal turn red.

The driver of the dashcam car slowed down, and there was a scooter rider behind him. The scooter rider also slowed down due to the traffic signal. We see a Kia Seltos SUV behind the scooter in the distance. We see all the vehicles slowing down, but the Seltos did not. It looked like the driver of the SUV was distracted for some reason and had not noticed his surroundings.

The car picked up speed, as seen in the video, and in no time it was right behind the scooter and the dashcam car. The Kia Seltos driver did see the scooter and apply brakes, but it was too late by then. The SUV rear-ended the scooter. The rider and pillion on the scooter were not expecting anything like this, and they were thrown from the scooter.

Careless Kia Seltos Driver Rear-Ends Scooter On a Busy Bengaluru Road: Dashcam Video
Seltos crashed into scooter

Both of them went airborne before falling on the road. Thankfully, both of them were wearing helmets (we’ll get to that later). The bonnet of the Kia Seltos was damaged in this crash. The scooter hit the dashcam car, and it is unclear whether the follower’s car was damaged or not. In all the cases that we have seen in the past, careless driving is the major cause of accidents, and this is no different.

The driver of the car was probably distracted by his phone, which made him take his eyes off the road. On city roads with heavy traffic, getting distracted even for a second can cost you a lot.


In this case, the rider and pillion on the scooter were actually wearing helmets. However, if you look carefully, those are not proper riding helmets. The rider is wearing a low-quality plastic helmet that doesn’t fit his head. The helmet was actually loose and came off upon impact. The pillion on the scooter was also wearing a yellow helmet, which is usually worn at construction sites.

Wearing a proper riding helmet is extremely important. In this case, the rider and pillion were lucky that it was a low-speed accident and they were not seriously injured. If it had been a high-speed accident, the riders would have probably sustained head injuries as they were not wearing proper riding helmets. This video is another example of why one must always be alert while driving on Indian roads.