Careless Truck Driver Crashes Into, And Drags Renault Kwid While Reversing At Toll Plaza [Video]

Truck reverses into a Kwid

Accidents happen on the road every day. Several people get injured or, in the worst case, even lose their lives in such accidents. In most cases, the reason for an accident is carelessness. Here we have a video from Kerala where a multi-axle truck reverses into a Renault Kwid that was behind it. The truck dragged the car for a few meters before the driver realized his mistake.

The video has been shared by Asianet News on their YouTube channel. According to the report, the accident happened at the Paliyekkara toll plaza in Kerala’s Thrissur district. The truck was probably loaded when this accident happened. The driver entered the bay, and as he reached the barrier, the FastTag was not working.

The driver was informed that the tag didn’t have enough balance. The truck driver had to recharge the FastTag so that he could get to the other side. While this discussion was happening, a Renault Kwid came and stopped behind the truck. The truck driver probably checked the ORVMs and didn’t see any vehicles behind.

He thought of this as an opportunity to drive the truck in reverse so that he could recharge the tag without creating inconvenience for other road users. The driver moved the truck in reverse, and the Renault Kwid driver was not expecting such a move from the truck driver. The truck came and crashed into the car. The bonnet of the car got stuck under the underride protection.

Careless Truck Driver Crashes Into, And Drags Renault Kwid While Reversing At Toll Plaza [Video]
Truck reverses into a Kwid

The truck driver didn’t realize that his massive truck had crashed into a Renault Kwid. The driver kept on driving it in reverse. The truck took the car with it for a couple of meters. In the video, we can see people in other cars running towards the truck to inform the driver about the Kwid. After a few meters, the rear of the Kwid went to the side, and the driver noticed the car. He immediately stopped the truck.

The report mentions that the truck driver had not spotted the car and that the car driver and other occupants in the car are safe. A case has been registered against the truck driver.

Who is at fault?

It was a clear case of carelessness. Both the car driver and the truck driver are to be blamed here. First of all, the Renault Kwid was parked too close to the rear of the truck. We have mentioned several times on our website that vehicles like trucks have large blind spots. To avoid such issues, always ensure that your vehicle is visible to the driver of the heavy vehicle.

If you are stopping behind a heavy vehicle, maintain a safe distance and ensure that you stop in such a manner that the driver could spot your vehicle in the ORVM. In this case, the Kwid was parked right behind the truck, and there was no way that the driver could see the car.

The Kwid driver should have maintained a safe distance. As for the truck driver, he should have been extremely careful. If he was unable to see any vehicle in the ORVM, he should have asked the employees at the toll plaza to assist him while he reversed. If he had got assistance, this accident could have been avoided.

In this case, the truck driver who reversed carelessly is to be held responsible. There are several types of equipment like reverse parking cameras which can be installed on trucks to avoid such accidents. The driver of the Renault Kwid was lucky enough to have escaped without any injuries.