From Range Anxiety to Charging Woes: Tata Nexon EV Owner Tells All

Tata Nexon EV troubles

If you are planning to buy a new car or you have bought a new car recently, the idea of buying an electric car must have come in your mind. As the EV infrastructure is getting better in India, people are going for EVs instead of the ICE vehicles. However, EV ownership in India is clouded by doubts such as the availability of charging stations, long term reliability, cost of ownership and many more. Today, we will clear many such doubts via a YouTube video uploaded by Arun Panwar.

The video is mainly based on the ownership of a Tata Nexon, Currently, the budget EV segment is dominated by Tata with multiple EV cars such as the Punch EV, Tiago EV, Tigor EV and the Nexon EV. Reports suggest that Tata may also launch EV versions of its flagship SUVs, the Harrier and the Safari.

First of all the host talks about regeneration, he mentions that he keeps regeneration on level 3 most of the time. This not only charges the battery but also slows down the car on its own, minimizing the use of brakes. However, this has a downside as well.

The brake lights do not turn on while the regeneration is active. This may cause accident as the driver of the car behind will be unaware about the braking. This can be completely avoided by keeping the regeneration level at the lowest.

From Range Anxiety to Charging Woes: Tata Nexon EV Owner Tells All

After this, he talks about the most common problem with EVs which is range anxiety. This is a completely psychological problem and it has nothing to do with the car. He adds that most of the times he finds himself looking at the range, thinking if he would make it or not. Range anxiety is a major concern in long drives.

He also talks about the advantage of the EVs which is its power delivery. Unlike ICE engines, EVs deliver maximum power at any given RPM. On the other hand, ICE engine delivers maximum power output in a specific RPM band only. However, host mentions that the braking of EVs is disappointing. As these cars are more powerful than their ICE versions, the need of a better braking system is felt.

The concern regarding EV infrastructure is addressed in the video. He compares EV to CNG and states that till date there are huge lines at CNG pumps. This implies that not even CNG infrastructure is fully developed in the country. The other issue he has faced numerous times is non-availability of charging stations.

He mentions that it is not difficult to find charging stations in well developed cities but while travelling the number of charging stations become limited and multiple times he has encountered non functional charging stations as well. This problem is escalated even further in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Even the existing charging stations have only one or two chargers.

Concluding the video, the host states that right now one should only go for EVs if they have one or two ICE cars. This is because currently EVs are only suitable for short distances and local driving. The lack of charging stations and range anxiety combined makes EVs a big no for long routes.