Masked Men Attack Car In Robbery Attempt, Arrested: Dashcam Video

Highway Gang attack and daring escape in Coimbatore

Many Indian highways are not safe to travel on at night. We have come across several instances where people have shared incidents of robberies and scams. One such attack recently happened to a group of youths who were traveling from Bengaluru to Kochi. The car in which the youths were traveling was attacked by a group of masked men who attempted to rob the vehicle. The robbers were not successful in their mission and were later caught by the police.

Coimbatore police have arrested four persons hailing from Palakkad who waylaid the car of an Ernakulam native near Madukkarai on Salem – Kochi highway in the early hours of June 14 and attempted to assault them with weapons.Two others at large.
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The whole incident was caught on the car’s dash camera. Aslam, Siddique, Charles Reji, and two others from the Pattimattom region of the Ernakulam district had gone to Bengaluru to buy computers for their office. While returning to Kochi from Bengaluru, the victims’ car was attacked by the gang on the Salem-Kochi Highway near the L&T bypass at Madukarai near Coimbatore.

The car in which the survivors were traveling had a dash cam installed that recorded everything from the spot. In this video, we see the car moving through the highway at night. Suddenly, we see a white Toyota Innova trying to push the car to the left shoulder of the road.

The white Innova did hit the bumper of the survivors’ car, and the driver was forced to stop the vehicle. The occupants and the driver in the car had no idea what was happening. Just behind the white Innova, there was another Innova belonging to the gang. The MPVs had cornered the car, and once they realized that the car was blocked, the robbers got out wearing masks.

Masked Men Attack Car In Robbery Attempt, Arrested:  Dashcam Video
Highway Gang attack and daring escape in Coimbatore

They had weapons in their hands and started attacking the vehicle. One of them smashed the front windshield using the tool in his hand. The driver panicked in this situation; however, he soon got things under control. He drove the car in reverse and then suddenly drove the car forward, scaring the robbers and making them move away from the front of the car.

The car driver and his friends drove the damaged vehicle to the Madukarai police station and reported the incident. They lodged a complaint and mentioned that the attack was captured on the car’s dash camera. The police analyzed the CCTV footage from the region along with the dash camera video to identify the culprits.

Based on the available video evidence, the police initiated an investigation and arrested the culprits. The police arrested Sivadas (29) and Ramesh Babu (27) of Chittoor, Vishnu (28) and Mallapally Ajay Kumar (24) of Kunnathupalayam in connection with this attack. They were arrested in Palakkad. The accused have been remanded, and others are absconding. Vishnu, who was caught by the police, is said to be a soldier in the Madras Regiment and has not returned to work after coming home in June.

The police mentioned that the attack was a misunderstanding, and the attackers thought the survivors were carrying black money or hawala money in the car.

Dash Camera

The dash camera in the vehicle came in handy in this case. This is a perfect example of how this small device can be useful in such situations. The survivors escaped from the spot, but the camera managed to capture every detail of the incident. The camera did manage to capture the number plate of the car, which might have helped the police trace the culprits. With the rise in road rage incidents and robbery attempts on our roads, it is always a good idea to have dash cameras installed in cars.