Multiple Roads And Underpasses In Delhi Waterlogged After Heavy Rains [Video]

delhi under water logging floods cars stuck

Since the last couple of days, Delhi and nearby regions have been getting a decent amount of rain. Today, Delhi and Noida residents woke up to waterlogged roads and underpasses. The rain has significantly affected the daily lives of people. After holding a review meeting, Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena ordered the setup of a 24/7 emergency control room and for desilting works to be completed in a week. We now have videos and images from different parts of the city showing how waterlogging has impacted lives.

The first video seen here is from the Pragati Maidan tunnel this morning. Recent reports mention that vehicle movement at the Pragati Maidan tunnel has been restricted until further notice. It appears that the video was recorded early this morning before authorities shut it down. In the video, we can see a Force Traveller wading through the waterlogged underpass.

The video is recorded from another vehicle which is right behind the Traveller. We can even see a biker struggling in the underpass. This is extremely dangerous as it is often hard to judge the depth of the water in such cases. There have been instances where people have gotten stranded in waterlogged underpasses. Thankfully, nothing like that happened in this case. We even have videos of people walking through the waterlogged underpass in Delhi.

The next set of images are from Delhi’s residential colonies in Vasant Kunj, Green Park, and AIIMS. The desilting of the drains and preparations for the monsoon were not carried out properly, resulting in waterlogging. We can clearly see cars like the Mahindra Thar and MG Hector completely submerged in water.

The stormwater drains in most parts of the capital are clogged with plastic and garbage, causing the issue. On Delhi’s Minto Road, multiple vehicles, including a truck, are completely submerged underwater.

This is not a new phenomenon. Every year during the monsoon, we come across such sights. Yet, authorities fail to take necessary action or precautions to avoid this issue. Due to the heavy rain, the roof of Delhi Airport’s Domestic Terminal 1 collapsed earlier today.

This accident left six people injured and claimed one life. Operations at the domestic terminal have been suspended for the moment, and all operations have been shifted to Terminals 2 and 3.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi saw such heavy rains 88 years ago. In the last 24 hours, Delhi has received 224 mm of rain. This is the highest rainfall ever recorded in a single day since 1936.

Travelling Through Waterlogged Roads

Heavy rains and waterlogged roads are not a good combination, especially if you drive or ride to the office. It is extremely risky to drive through waterlogged sections as you have no idea of objects lying underneath. The chances of falling off the vehicle or damaging your vehicle are also high.

It is always a good idea to avoid traveling in such conditions. Only leave the house if it is absolutely necessary. If you have a choice, take an alternate route that is either not waterlogged or has less water. Leave your house early as there will be congestion on the road.