In This City, Police Won’t Stop You Or Issue Challans At Night!

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The Gurugram Police Department has issued a new directive which will come into effect immediately. This new directive has made the police stop its practice of stopping vehicles and issuing challans to drivers during nighttime hours. As per the reports, the directive comes after numerous complaints were received from residents regarding police checks at night. Many stated that these checks are often rigorous and, at times, unnecessary checking of vehicles at night, which many perceive as harassment.

In This City, Police Won’t Stop You Or Issue Challans At Night!

Police Commissioner’s Directive

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Virendra Vij outlined the new policy. In the letter, it has been stated that the Traffic Inspectors are now required to ensure that their subordinates do not stop vehicles or issue challans at night. Any exceptions to this rule, such as issuing a challan under the Motor Vehicles Act (M.V. Act), must first receive approval from a senior officer.

The letter stated, “Traffic Inspectors are ordered to command all the employees appointed under them in their jurisdiction that no vehicle should be stopped at night and no challan should be issued. If it is essential to issue a challan to a driver as per the M.V. Act, in that situation, the challan of that vehicle should be issued as per rules only after bringing it to the notice of the concerned gazetted officer/undersigned and obtaining permission.”

“The orders should be strictly followed. In case of negligence and carelessness, strict departmental action will be taken against the concerned traffic police officer as per rules with immediate effect,” stated the letter.

Why Has This New System Been Implemented?

In This City, Police Won’t Stop You Or Issue Challans At Night!

The primary reason for this new system is to address the widespread complaints from the public about the traffic police’s conduct at night. Many drivers reported that they feel harassed by frequent stops. They added that these stops also at many times seem unwarranted.

Residents also complained that this disrupted their travel and created a sense of unease. So, in order to reduce these problems, the Gurugram police department has eliminated nighttime checks.

Positives and Negatives of This System

Reduced Harassment

The first and main positive effect of this rule will be that drivers will no longer face the stress and inconvenience of being stopped at night.

Improved Public Relations

On the other hand, this move could improve the image of the police department and restore public trust. Generally, police authorities do not have the best reputation among the public, so this could help with this issue as well.

Focus on Major Issues

With the help of this new directive, the police can now allocate resources to more critical nighttime duties. These include responding to emergencies and patrolling high-risk areas.


In This City, Police Won’t Stop You Or Issue Challans At Night!

Potential for Increased Lawbreaking

Gurugram is known for its share of traffic violators. So, the absence of nighttime checks could embolden reckless drivers. As previously reported by CarToq, incidents of drunk driving and over-speeding are common in the city. So, the lack of enforcement might increase these issues.

Crime Prevention Could Become Difficult

Nighttime checks often help in apprehending criminals and preventing crimes. However, the new directive might reduce these opportunities.

Previous Incidents


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We have shared numerous incidents where residents of Gurgaon have done stupid things on the road at night. One of the incidents took place back in the festive season of last year. In this case, a few men on SUVs like Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour were bursting fire crackers from the roof of their cars.

In This City, Police Won’t Stop You Or Issue Challans At Night!
Endeavour with cracker on roof

Apart from this, we have shared numerous similar lawbreaking incidents on Gurugram roads. These range from over-speeding luxury cars to drunk driving incidents. So now, while the new directive might reduce harassment complaints, it does not address the underlying issues of traffic violations.

Our Verdict

Coming to our verdict, we believe that the intention behind this directive is commendable. However, this is far from an ideal solution. Now, if you are wondering what is the right answer, then here is what we think.

In This City, Police Won’t Stop You Or Issue Challans At Night!

According to us, the real answer lies in enhancing the efficiency and manners of the police force. Traffic police should stop drivers politely and conduct their checks quickly. They should then allow compliant drivers to continue their journey without delay.

We believe that by focusing on efficiency and professional conduct, the police can ensure road safety without causing undue stress to drivers. This balanced approach can effectively tackle traffic violations while maintaining public trust and safety.