Type 1 Hyundai Creta Converted To Type 2 With Luxurious Interiors [Video]

hyundai creta type 1 to type 2 conversion

The Hyundai Creta was first launched in the Indian market in 2015. In its age span of nearly 9 years, the car has seen multiple facelifts and two generation changes. Today, we will talk about how a first generation type one Creta is restored and converted into the first generation type two Creta. The project is carried out by Autorounders, who have showcased their work via a YouTube video.

The overall design language of the type one and type two Creta was exactly the same. The only differences were in lights, bumpers and the front grille. Even the interior of both the versions was same.

The video shows us the before look of the SUV which is a type one Creta finished in black. The host mentions that this car has come all the way from Gujarat. The host gives us an overview of the work they will be doing on this car.

He states that along with the body kit, the entire car will be repainted. Additionally, they will be fitting this car with unique 17-inch alloy wheels from Momo Italy. The interior of this SUV will be customized as well.

Type 1 Hyundai Creta Converted To Type 2 With Luxurious Interiors [Video]

The before condition of the SUV was pretty average with missing parts, dents, scratches, yellowing headlights and faded paint. The signs of aging were evident in the cabin where the leather of the seat covers started chipping and cracking from multiple places. After showing the cinematic shots of the before look, the video shows us the work process.

First, the major parts of the car are removed which includes bumpers and lights. The denting work of the entire body is done but it is not shown in the video. The paint color chosen for this car is Black Sapphire which is taken from BMW.

Additionally, the car is painted in paint both ensuring the best possible finish. The host mentions that the paint they use in their workshops is specially imported from Germany. Once the paint job is done, the work of interior will start. The host mentions that the interior will be changed from beige and black to tan and black.

The parts replaced for the conversion include headlights, taillights, fog lamps, front grille and the rear bumper. The taillights installed in this SUV are aftermarket and they are smoked out giving the car an aesthetic look.

The front chrome grille is finished in satin black that complements the overall dark theme. Other than this, the entire car has been de-chromed. The Momo alloy wheels further enhance the look of this SUV.

Now, let’s talk about the cabin. Earlier, black was the dominant color in the interior which is replaced by tan. The seat covers, armrest, dashboard, interior door grab handles are finished in tan. The roof liner of the SUV has been changed from beige to black. Additionally, some parts of the cabin are hydro dipped to carbon fiber to add to the sporty look.