Indian Family In Australia Dumps Mercedes, Buys Mahindra Scorpio-N [Video]

Indian Family Australia Mahindra Scorpio-N

Mahindra sells their popular SUV, the Scorpio-N in multiple countries which includes India, South Africa and Australia. The SUV has managed to impress a lot of people in each country. Recently, Mahindra Australia posted a video on their official YouTube channel where an Indian family dumped a Mercedes to buy the iconic Scorpio-N. Let’s discuss this in more details.

The video was uploaded on May 30th and titled “The Bal Family and their Scorpio.” The video starts with the couple introducing them and they mention that they originally belong to India. The couple currently lives in Queenspark, Australia.

They add that they are a family of four and before the Scorpio-N they owned a Mercedes Benz GLA 180. The main issue they had with the GLA was space. As the GLA 180 is a small car, it became uncomfortable for them to travel in it. Hence, they decided to upgrade their car. The main points they were looking in their new car was space and they had budget constraints as well.

Indian Family In Australia Dumps Mercedes, Buys Mahindra Scorpio-N [Video]

The family mentions that they got to know Mahindra is launching the Scorpio-N in Australia. They inquired about the car, its launch date, features and price. The Scorpio-N suited their budget and provided plenty of features at its price point. Additionally, the couple was familiar with the Mahindra brand as they were Indians.

The issue of space was solved in the Scorpio-N as it is a huge car measuring 4662 mm in length, 1917 mm in width and 1857 mm in height. They chose the six seater version of the SUV which has captain seats in the second row and bench seats in the third row. The seven seater version of the Scorpio-N is not sold in Australia.

The couple specially highlights the Sony sound system of the car and mentions that it is simply amazing. Additionally, the feature to isolate sound is very helpful as they usually travel with kids in the back who are sleeping.

They humorously mention that if a car can drive on Indian roads, it can surely handle the Australian roads. They add that if a person is looking for a big size SUV with four wheel drive functionality on a budget, the Mahindra Scorpio-N is a perfect choice for them.

The Scorpio-N is powered by a 2.2-litre mHawk four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that produces 129kW of power and 400Nm of torque. Additionally, the SUV is offered with 4XPLOR (4WD) intelligent terrain management system. This means the car can handle both on road and off road conditions.

The Scorpio-N is only called Scorpio in Australia. The SUV is sold in two top spec variants only which includes Z8 and Z8L. The Z8 trim costs AUD 41,990 and Z8L costs AUD 44,990, which roughly translates to Rs. 23.15 lakh and Rs. 24.81 lakh (ex-showroom as of June 11). For comparison, the Z8 diesel 4WD AT costs Rs. 23.09 lakh in India while the Z8L diesel 4WD AT costs Rs. 24.54 lakh.