Kia Carens Jumps Traffic Signal And Crashes Into Toyota Innova Hycross: CCTV Footage

kia carens toyota innova hycross secunderabad crash

Rash driving and car drivers and riders jumping traffic signals are still very common on our roads. We have seen several cases where such impatient drivers often end up in accidents. These drivers are often in a hurry and completely ignore traffic signals and other road users. One such accident was recently reported from Hyderabad, where a Kia Carens that jumped a traffic signal crashed into a Toyota Hycross coming from the other direction.

The video has been circulating on the internet for the last couple of days. The video, shared by NewsMeter on their Twitter profile, shows the accident at the Secunderabad Club junction. The video was recorded by the CCTV camera installed at the traffic signal. In the video, we see a vehicle coming to a stop at the traffic signal in the top right corner.

Just behind that vehicle is a Kia Carens. The driver did not slow down and simply jumped the traffic signal. The car driver probably did not look for vehicles coming from the other direction. As the Carens moved forward, a Toyota Innova Hycross crossed the signal from the middle right of the screen.

The Hycross driver proceeded as the signal was green on his side. The Hycross crashed into the side of the Kia Carens. The Carens MPV rolled multiple times on the road before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. The car was lying on its side, and we see a broken windshield and bags from the car lying on the road.

The rear of the Kia Carens, along with the doors, was completely damaged. The front bumper and grille of the Toyota Innova Hycross were also damaged in the crash. Inspector of Marredpally police, Venkatesh Nomula, said that Mariyala Naresh, a businessman driving the Kia Carens, bearing the number TS 08 JP 5215, was heading towards Parade Grounds from Siddipet.

Kia Carens Jumps Traffic Signal And Crashes Into Toyota Innova Hycross: CCTV Footage
Carens crash

The officer said, “He claimed that he noticed the signal turning red right when he was approaching the junction and stepped on the accelerator in an attempt to jump it. However, as the signal turned green for commuters heading out of the Secunderabad Club and going towards Tivoli junction, a white SUV proceeded ahead.”

Naresh rammed into Susheel’s car, who is an advocate. He was traveling with four others when the accident happened. Mr. Naresh applied the brakes after he crashed into the Innova, which made him lose control of the vehicle and resulted in a rollover crash. Naresh was booked under section 279 (driving in a negligent manner, endangering human life) of the IPC and section 184 of the MV Act.

In this case, the Kia Carens driver was clearly at fault. He should have been more patient and should have stopped at the signal. The Kia Carens driver not only put his own life at risk but also the lives of other road users.

Even if the signal is green on your side, it is always a good idea to slow down and look for vehicles coming from other directions to avoid such accidents.