Brand-New 25 Crore Rupee Koenigsegg Supercar Burns Down: Company Promises Customer Free Replacement

$3 M Jesko destroyed in fire

We often come across several videos where supercars get destroyed in an accident or fire. In most cases, it is the owner who is at fault, but there have been instances where the car has caught fire due to some technical fault in the vehicle. Recently, we came across one such video on social media where a $3 million hypercar, the Koenigsegg Jesko, caught fire and got completely destroyed while driving. Koenigsegg has now come forward and promised the customer a free replacement.


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The Koenigsegg Jesko is a limited-edition hypercar. The Jesko Absolut currently holds the world record for the fastest production car. The hypercar managed to achieve 0-400 km/h in just 18.82 seconds. Not only did the Jesko reach 400 km/h, but it also slowed down from 400-0 km/h in record time. The Jesko Absolut completed the entire 0-400 km/h and then 400-0 km/h run in just 28.27 seconds.

The car that caught fire is the Koenigsegg Jesko Nur Edition. The Jesko Nur Edition had exposed carbon fiber bodywork with gold accents, carbon wheels, and gold brake calipers. The car was participating in a rally in Greece when the accident happened. According to reports, the car was cruising on the highway when it suddenly caught fire. Soon after the accident, an investigation was launched to determine the cause.

Upon investigation, it was found that there was a fault in the vehicle. Koenigsegg CEO Christian von Koenigsegg announced that the reason the hypercar caught fire was a faulty pressurized hydraulic hose at the rear of the car. This led to a leak of hydraulic fluid, which caused the fire.

Brand-New 25 Crore Rupee Koenigsegg Supercar Burns Down: Company Promises Customer Free Replacement
$3 M Jesko destroyed in fire

As soon as the manufacturer realized that this problem was due to a manufacturing defect, they issued a “Do Not Drive” order to all Koenigsegg Jesko owners. Currently, there are 28 Jesko owners around the world. The manufacturer is now individually inspecting each one of these vehicles for the fault and has requested the owners not to drive the vehicle until this issue is fixed.

The Swedish car manufacturer has also said that they are currently working on software that would detect and automatically shut off the hydraulic system in case of a leak. While the manufacturer is working to resolve this issue, they have also announced that Koenigsegg will be building a replacement Jesko for the owner who lost his multi-million-dollar hypercar to fire.

This is definitely a good gesture from the manufacturer. It is one of those rare instances where a manufacturer has identified an issue, admitted it publicly, and also pledged to offer a replacement car to the customer instead of blaming it on him.

The Koenigsegg Jesko is powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that generates 1,280 PS and around 1,500 Nm of peak torque. This is a mid-engine hypercar, and the engine is mated to a 9-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels.

The Swedish car brand is not officially available in India. However, it is not like they never tried. Some years ago, Koenigsegg did bring their famous hypercar, the Agera, to India and showcased it to the Indian media. Back then, the Agera was priced at around Rs 11.5 crore. Sadly, the manufacturer could not sell even a single unit and had to return.