This Maruti Ertiga Wants To Feel Like A BMW [Video]

maruti ertiga with bmw inspired interiors

When we talk about a modified Ertiga, you may think of a car with aftermarket alloy wheels, LED lights, aftermarket tail lights and an aftermarket grille. Today, we will cover a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga which is loaded with customizations you may not even think of. The project is carried out by Vig Auto Accessories and showcased on their YouTube channel. Even in the past, we have covered numerous cars which are made in their workshop and their work is unique and commendable.

Now, let’s talk about this specific Ertiga. The main focus of this project was to give the interior of the car a luxurious upgrade. The host mentions that they took BMW as an inspiration and made changes according to that. First of all, the theme of the cabin is changed from beige and black to beige and champagne gold.

As Ertiga is a budget segment car, it comes with hard plastic at multiple touchpoints. To add to the premium-ness, these touchpoints are covered in Glory Wine leather.

This includes the upper part of the dashboard, horn pad, door pads, A B & C pillars, gear lever, instrument cluster surround and the front armrest. Additionally, the seat covers and the 7D mats follow the same color combination to complete the theme.

This Maruti Ertiga Wants To Feel Like A BMW [Video]

The interior of the car is fitted with a carbon fiber interior styling kit which replaces the regular plastic parts with fake carbon fiber parts. This includes the door panels, control panel on door panels and the wooden element of the dashboard.

One of the key highlights of this project is its steering wheel. The car is fitted with a carbon fiber and leather wrapped hexagon steering wheel which not only adds visual appeal but also makes the driving experience much better. The host specially shows the seat covers which is their specialty.

The host mentions that this is the first car done by them in this color combination. Usually, they use Champagne Gold, Persian Green or Tan for interior but this time around they did something unique and different. He further adds that this color is inspired from some of the BMW cars such as the 3 series. He mentions that they will be doing more and more cars with this interior color as it looks unique and beautiful.

Additional loadings in this car include an aftermarket android infotainment system with wireless connectivity. This infotainment system delivers output through an upgraded four speaker Sony ES series setup. Other than this a 360 camera setup is also installed for added convenience.

The host does not talk about any changes done to the exterior of the car. The main motive behind this video was to highlight how a budget segment car such as the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga can be customized to become the ultimate luxury. Additionally, aftermarket modifications allow the buyer to build the car as per his own taste and preferences.