2 Mahindra Thars Stuck In Sea After Instagram Stunt Goes Wrong: SUVs Seized [Video]

Thar stuck in sea

Driving on a beach is tricky, and we have seen several examples in the past that prove this right. We have videos where inexperienced drivers take their so-called SUVs to the beach and regret their decision almost immediately. Driving on a beach can be challenging even with a 4×4 SUV. Here we have a video where not one, but two Mahindra Thar SUVs are royally stuck at sea after an Instagram reel stunt went horribly wrong.

The video has been shared by Torque India on their X profile. The video doesn’t specify the exact location, but we know that it is from Gujarat. The video has been posted with the caption “2 whales beached in GUJARAT, one white and another red.” In this 25-second video clip that is circulating on the internet, we see a red-colored Mahindra Thar 4×4 SUV stuck in the sea.

The youths ventured into the water to make an Instagram reel. It appears that the driver of the SUV got a bit too adventurous and decided to drive the SUV too close to the water. He probably forgot about the rising tide or was too confident about the SUV’s capabilities.

Whatever the case, the Mahindra Thar got stuck in the water. We see that the front of the SUV is under the water and slightly tilted towards the sea.

It looks like there was a drop that the driver was not aware of, and the SUV got stuck on it. The other Mahindra Thar, finished in a white shade also got stuck in similar fashion. The video also shows the occupants and drivers panicking and running from one SUV to the other.

FIRs Filed, Thars Seized

Both SUVs and their occupants were rescued by the locals. The Mundra police filed FIRs against the youths of both the Mahindra Thars. Both Mahindra Thars were also seized.

Don’t Drive Into The Sea!

Driving too close to the water on a beach is extremely tricky. Most beaches in India have loose sand, and when this sand comes in contact with water, it becomes stiff and starts acting like concrete. If the tire of your vehicle gets stuck in wet sand on a beach, it is extremely difficult to get it out.

The sand starts acting like sticky mud, and you’ll need external help to drive the SUV out. In this case, the front of the SUV was facing the sea, and it is not clear if the SUV was stuck on a rock or if the wheel simply dug into the wet sand. Whatever the case, the salty sea water got into the car, and we are not sure if the engine is still running in these cars.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation and your vehicle gets stalled, never try to restart the vehicle without checking the water level. If the water is above the air intake, it is always a good idea to simply put the vehicle in neutral and ask a recovery vehicle to pull you out. Even after being pulled out, do not start the vehicle.

2 Mahindra Thars Stuck In Sea After Instagram Stunt Goes Wrong: SUVs Seized [Video]
Thar stuck in sea

Take your vehicle to the nearest service center and have it inspected by technicians to see if any part has been damaged. The boys in this case should have ideally called for help from experts and pulled the SUVs out using heavy machinery like a backhoe loader or JCB, as we call it, or a tractor. We hope, the boys have learnt a lesson and won’t repeat the same in future.

Driving On Beaches Is Illegal!

The majority of the beaches in India are not suitable for driving. It is also illegal to drive on most beaches in India, as some of these are considered protected habitats for wildlife. The only beach in India where you can legally drive is Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala’s Kannur district.