Mahindra Thar Rams Scorpio In Wild Road Rage Incident [Video]

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Gurgaon, where else?

Road rage incidents in India have become very common lately. In most metro cities, people often get aggressive and get into fights with other road users for the silliest of reasons. In most North Indian states, temperatures are soaring and we are experiencing heatwaves. In such conditions, getting out of your vehicle to argue or fight with the opposite party becomes challenging. However, this Mahindra Thar owner, possibly from Gurgaon, found a new way to attack each other, while avoiding the heat.

The video has been circulating on the internet for the last couple of days. In this video, we see a Mahindra Thar crashing into an older generation Mahindra Scorpio SUV on a public road. The video is from Gurugram, and we see a Mahindra Thar ramming into an old Mahindra Scorpio on the road a couple of times.

It was a clear case of road rage. The Scorpio looks damaged, and the driver of the Scorpio was not doing anything. He was on the receiving end. The Mahindra Thar driver hitting the Scorpio a couple of times and kept his foot pressed on the accelerator.

It looks like the Scorpio driver attempted to escape from this situation by driving away, but the Thar driver simply crashed into the SUV and squeezed the Scorpio to a corner.

We do not see the registration numbers of either of these SUVs as the video was recorded by someone who was watching this whole incident from the other side of the road. People passing through the road were actually stopping to see what was happening. The exact reason for this act is not known.

Mahindra Thar Rams Scorpio In Wild Road Rage Incident [Video]
Thar vs Scorpio

After crashing into the SUV a couple of times, the Mahindra Thar driver reverses, crashes into the divider, and drives away. It looks like both SUVs only had minor damages and were still in working condition. We can see the Scorpio SUV moving forward while the Mahindra Thar driver drives off in the opposite direction.

Road rage incidents are common in India, but in most cases, people argue with the other party and often physically assault the person. We have rarely seen such instances where people react in a real-life road rage style.

This is extremely unacceptable behavior. By behaving in such a way, the car owners are not only damaging their vehicles but are also risking their lives. It was also creating inconvenience to other road users as they were blocking the way.

There are chances that the driver or any occupant inside the vehicle might get severely injured while doing this. This is not the first time we have seen a video like this.

A few weeks ago, we came across a similar incident where a Maruti Swift was seen ramming into a Maruti Brezza in the middle of the road. The exact location where this happened was not known.

Road Rage

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, try not to engage with the other party as it would only make things worse. In this case, we are not sure what exactly happened. The Scorpio driver not reacting is a good thing.

The driver might have probably taken note of the vehicle number, and we hope this incident gets reported. Never panic in such cases, take down the details and report it to the concerned authorities.