India’s Only Deadpool-Themed Maruti Fronx Is A Headturner [Video]

maruti fronx deadpool wrap

The Maruti Suzuki Fronx is a compact crossover which was launched in 2023. You may have seen multiple modified Fronx but today we will cover a Fronx which has been tastefully modified in Deadpool theme. The car is showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by Turbo House. Now, let’s delve into the details of the modification.

The Fronx shown in the video is the top of the line Alpha trim powered by the more powerful turbo petrol engine. The engine is a 1.0-litre three cylinder turbo petrol unit that produces 100 PS of power and 147 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The host mentions that this car cost the owner around Rs.14.5 lakhs on road and he has roughly spent Rs. 2 lakhs on its modification.
Starting from the front, blacked out treatment can be seen. The grille and the chrome strip on the grille have been painted to gloss black. A front splitter has been added to add to the visual appeal of the vehicle. Gloss black grill surrounds and fog lights are also installed.

A small and unique element in the side profile of the car is the bumper holder clips. These clips are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Side skirting finished in black with red inserts is installed which follow the theme of the car. Additionally, Deadpool graphics have been added on the sides, roof and the rear.

India’s Only Deadpool-Themed Maruti Fronx Is A Headturner [Video]

A small toy of Deadpool has been attached to the shark fin antenna which is a nice touch. The car has been fitted with 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels which cost him Rs. 40,000. Additionally, the nuts have been replaced with aftermarket nuts which add to the aesthetics.

The rear profile of the car features a custom made spoiler with Deadpool graphics. A red strip has been added to the rear skid plate to carry on the theme all around.

The interior of the car has been kept entirely stock. Talking about the reason to buy Fronx, the owner mentions that they already own a Tata Harrier. The main factor which they were looking for in their new car was performance. After test driving multiple cars in the same segment they decided on the Fronx Turbo as it delivered both style and performance.

They did not want a Maruti at first but this was the only car that suited their needs in the segment. Regarding the i20 N Line, he mentions that i20 is a common car and they do not prefer Hyundai cars. Even in terms of driving experience, the Fronx felt better than the i20 N Line. He observed lag in the i20 N Line automatic which was not present in the Fronx automatic.

He further adds that once he drove Fronx at a speed of 180 kmph and the car did not struggle. Even at such a high speed, he was able to control the car and did not lose confidence. He chose this theme because no car in India has been modified in Deadpool theme. This makes the car different from others.