Maruti Jimny 4X4 Vs Toyota HyRyder AWD Off The Road [Video]

maruti jimny 4x4 vs toyota hyryder awd featured

Often times, people think of all wheel drive and 4×4 as the same technology but both of them are quite different. Today, with the help of a YouTube video uploaded by MRD cars, we will compare Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder which gets an all wheel drive system with the Maruti Suzuki Jimny which gets 4×4. First, let’s understand how both of these technologies are different.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and 4×4 (Four-Wheel Drive) systems both power all four wheels of a vehicle, but they work differently. AWD is always on, automatically distributing power between the front and rear wheels for better traction.

An all wheel drive system is great for driving on various road conditions like rain or light snow. On the other hand, 4×4 is typically used in off-road or extreme conditions.

It needs to be manually engaged and provides equal power to all four wheels, offering better control in rough terrain. In the video, both the SUVs are made to cross certain obstacles to test their off roading capabilities.

Maruti Jimny 4X4 Vs Toyota HyRyder AWD Off The Road [Video]

In any given off road or rough condition, a 4×4 car will perform better than an AWD even if both the cars manage to cross the obstacle. Additionally, 4×4 cars can easily get out if they are stuck as compared to an AWD car.

The host shows us a puddle which both the SUVs have to cross. The depth of the puddle is not much but due to the mud there is high chance of the car getting stuck. The Hyryder is made to cross the puddle first. The SUV does not struggle to enter and crosses the puddle easily. However, on the exit, the car gets stuck and struggles to cross. The car had to be reversed to get it out. The type of tires is also a major factor in off roading.

The Hyryder is then made to cross the same puddle from a different side. The host mentions that this side is more deep and rough than the previous. Similar results are seen as the Hyryder easily enters the puddle but this time around the SUVs crosses it and reaches on the other side.

Now, the SUV is reversed in the same route but it gets stuck as it enters the puddle. The main reason for getting stuck here was lack of momentum. The driver of the car takes it a bit forward, turns off the traction control and steps on the pedal. After one or two seconds of struggling, the Hyryder manages to pull itself out of the puddle.

For the third round, the car is made to take a round of the puddle where it gets stuck once. With the traction control off, the car manages to unstuck itself and crosses half of the puddle. During the exit, it gets stuck once again but pulls itself out after a bit of struggling.
The same rounds are performed with the Jimny in the 2WD drive mode. However, it gets stuck towards the end where the Hyryder was stuck. After engaging 4H, the Jimny pulls itself out and crosses the entire puddle without struggling at all. Every obstacle is crossed by the Jimny easily as compared to the Hyryder.