13 Year-Old Mercedes Benz S-Class Converted Into Latest-Gen Maybach Super Luxury Saloon [Video]

2011 w221 mercedes benz s-class to w223 Maybach

You may have seen multiple cars such as the Hyundai Verna, Toyota Fortuner, BMW 5 series which are generation changed using aftermarket kits. Today, we will cover something rather unique, a W221 old S-Class converted into a new shape W223 S Class along with a Maybach kit. The project is done by Autorounders and shown on their official YouTube channel.

The host mentions that the car is a 2011 model and shows us the before look of the car. He adds that the owner of the car bought it used just to convert it in the new shape. He mentions that a W221 S Class con be converted either to a W222 Maybach or the W223 Maybach.

The video shows the planning process as well which tells us how carefully the team at Autorounders does their work. The host states that he was waiting for such project and it is their first S Class to Maybach conversion along with a generation change.

He further adds that there are only one or two such projects all over India. The host explains the entire project to the team and tells them about the challenges they will face. The old S Class came with a lot of lines and curves which were reduced in the latest generation.

Now, let’s talk about what changes have been made to the sedan. The parts changed include bonnet, headlights, front grille, bumpers, fenders, rear quarter panels, tailgate, taillights and much more. All in all the major components of the car are upgraded to the newer shape.

13 Year-Old Mercedes Benz S-Class Converted Into Latest-Gen Maybach Super Luxury Saloon [Video]

The host mentions that there is no bolt on kit for S Class and a lot of fabrication has to be done to achieve quality work. He further adds that the front profile was not much of a task but the rear profile of the car is quite complicated. Additionally, the body line of the car has to be carefully removed. The video shows us some glimpses of the work process and how they converted the car.

As the car is quite old the body needed some work. The car had dents which were fixed and then the entire car was repainted. The paint shade chosen for this car is taken from original Maybach. The host mentions that the paint they use in their workshops is imported from Germany.

The video shows us the paint process as well. After painting, all the parts of the car are assembled to reveal its final look.
Some cinematic shots of the sedan are shown which is completely transformed. Maybach logos have been added to the front, back and side profile along with Maybach grille and alloys.

The car is loaded with chrome which is present in the Maybach models. The host mentions that he also loved this project and he would buy an S Class for himself and convert it to Maybach. The overall fit and finished of the car is quite nice.