Nitin Gadkari Congratulates Tata Motors For 5 Star Bharat NCAP Rating Of Punch And Nexon EVs

Nitin Gadkari on Tata and BNCAP

Nitin Gadkari is one of the most popular politicians currently in India. He is known for his ambitious projects and vision to transform the highways and transportation sector in India. He has taken several initiatives in the past to match the standards of foreign countries. Nitin Gadkari is currently serving as the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways. He recently posted an image online where he is seen congratulating Tata Motors for achieving a 5-star rating in the Bharat NCAP crash test.

Tata Motors has become the first manufacturer in the country to have scored a 5-star rating in Bharat NCAP for EVs. The minister wrote, “Congratulations to @tataev @TataMotors for achieving a 5-star Bharat NCAP rating for the Punch.ev and Nexon.ev, thus becoming the first-ever 5-star rated EVs in the Indian automotive market. As electric vehicles spearhead the future of mobility in India, a strong Bharat NCAP rating serves as an invaluable tool for consumers in selecting safer vehicles, and it stands as a testament to the high level of safety provided to the vehicle’s occupants.”

Under this post, we can see a variety of comments where people are congratulating Tata Motors and also customers who are not satisfied with the services offered by the manufacturer. Tata has replied to the comments where customers have shown dissatisfaction. Both Tata Nexon and Punch EV are the first-ever Indian EVs to be tested in the Bharat NCAP, and both of them performed well. They both scored a 5-star rating in the crash test.

Bharat NCAP

Last year, the Indian government launched the Bharat New Car Assessment Program or B-NCAP. Under the new program, car manufacturers and importers have to submit an application, FORM 70-A, to the agency designated by the government. They will test the safety of the car through the front impact, side impact test, and side impact pole test. Initially, EVs were not included; however, the recent Punch EV and Nexon EV tests have proved that green cars are now included. Depending on the performance in the crash test, the cars are awarded star ratings.

Nexon EV Bharat NCAP

Nexon EV is Tata’s first-ever electric SUV to be launched by the manufacturer. It got a facelift last year. The SUV scored 29.86 points out of 32 in the Adult Occupant Protection and 44.95 out of 49 points in the Child Occupant Protection section. The frontal impact test at 64 km/h was done on the Nexon EV. It offered adequate to good protection to both the driver and the front passenger in the frontal offset crash as well as the side impact test.

The Nexon EV is available in both MR and LR variants. The price for the Nexon EV starts at Rs 14.49 lakh ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 19.49 lakh ex-showroom.

Punch EV Bharat NCAP

The latest EV from Tata’s stable also performed well in the crash test. Unlike other EVs in Tata’s portfolio, the Punch EV gets an all-new “acti.ev” born-electric platform. In the Adult Occupant Protection test, the EV scored 31.46 out of 32. In Child Occupant Protection, the electric vehicle scored 45 points out of 49.

The Punch EV offered adequate to good protection to both the driver and the front passenger in both frontal offset and side impact tests. The price for a brand new Punch EV starts at Rs 10.99 lakh ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 15.49 lakh (all prices ex-showroom).