Newbie Driver Crashes Mahindra Thar Into Shop After Pressing Accelerator Instead Of Brake [Video]

mahindra thar newbie crash

We have seen several videos where the delivery of a brand-new car has gone wrong. In most cases, people who switch from a manual car to an automatic also face this issue. Inexperienced drivers also cause such accidents. New drivers often get confused between the pedals and end up pressing the wrong one. They often press the accelerator instead of the brakes and end up in a crash. Here, we have one such video where a Mahindra Thar driver crashes the SUV into a shop after getting confused between the accelerator and brake pedals.

The video has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The vlogger picked this incident from a Facebook page. The accident happened in Kerala’s Kannur district. The exact location of this accident is not known. The video was captured by the CCTV camera installed outside a restaurant or shop.

In this video, we see a guard waving at the Mahindra Thar driver. He is guiding the driver so that he can park the vehicle without any inconvenience. The Thar driver was probably a new or inexperienced driver. It is also possible that the person was driving an automatic car for the first time. As the SUV gets closer to the stairs in front of the shop, the guard asks the driver to stop.

The driver attempts to stop; however, in a hurry, he got confused between the brake and accelerator pedals. He pressed the accelerator, and the SUV continued to go forward. The Mahindra Thar climbed up the stairs and hit the glass door in front of the shop. Thankfully, the door was not damaged.

The security guard who was helping the driver also escaped the crash and did not get crushed between the cars. We see that the driver panicked and was pressing the accelerator hard. The rear wheel of the Mahindra Thar was spinning rapidly. After a few seconds, the driver probably let go of the pedal, and the SUV rolled back.

The SUV then hit a Maruti Ritz that was parked next to it. We see men running from the restaurant to check on the guard and the driver. The driver of the SUV confused the accelerator pedal for the brakes, causing this accident.

Newbie Driver Crashes Mahindra Thar Into Shop After Pressing Accelerator Instead Of Brake [Video]
Thar crashed into shop

There is also a tendency among new drivers, while driving an automatic car, to use both their feet: one foot on the brakes and the other on the accelerator. This also creates confusion. While driving an automatic car, always drive with one foot.

Use one foot to switch between the accelerator and brakes to avoid confusion and such accidents. The driver was lucky that he didn’t damage too many things in the shop and also didn’t injure anyone.

The video also mentions that there is a possibility that the driver couldn’t control the car because he or she was drunk. There is no clarity on that front at the moment. Mahindra Thar is currently one of the most popular SUVs in its segment.

It is available with a 2.2-liter turbo diesel, 1.5-liter turbo diesel, and a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine option. Both petrol and diesel engine options are available with manual and automatic transmission options.