Old Maruti Swift Vs New Swift: Base Variants Compared On Video

old maruti swift vs new swift base variants

Maruti Suzuki launched the new Swift on May 9. Many people are confused and are calling the new Swift a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Today, with the help of a YouTube video we will compare the base variants of the old Swift and the 2024 Swift in terms of design, interior, boot space and engine. The video is uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445.

The video shows us the base variants of both the old and new Swift which are heavily modified. First of all, both the cars are upgraded from base to top variant. Secondly, they are loaded with upsized alloy wheels, upgraded music systems and much more.

The video starts with the looks of both the cars. Please note that looks are completely subjective and everyone may have a different opinion. The host mentions that he would prefer the 2024 Swift over the old Swift as it looks much more modern.

He absolutely loves the front look of the fourth gen Swift. As mentioned earlier, both the cars have been upgraded to top model which includes the headlight conversion. He adds that the glossy black grille of the new Swift looks way better. The host criticizes the fender mounted indicators which are present in the base variant of both the generations.

Old Maruti Swift Vs New Swift: Base Variants Compared On Video

Coming to the rear profile, the host states that he loved the taillights of the new Swift. Usually, people would change the taillights of the old Swift but it is not needed now. He further adds that the rear profile of the new Swift looks a bit weird and he prefers the old Swift Swift over the new Swift in terms of rear profile.

Earlier, Maruti did a lot of cost cutting in the LXi variant. However, this time around, Maruti has added a lot of features even in the base variant. The LXi variant of the new Swift offers tachometer, all four power windows, digital AC controls, central locking, remote lock/unlock defogger and front adjustable headrests over the old Swift.

The old Swift does not even offer front power windows. Both the cars are similar in terms of boot space. Parcel tray is not offered in both the cars. However, the tail gate of the base variant of the old Swift could be opened from the cabin only.

This problem is fixed in the base trim of the 2024 Swift as Maruti has added a boot latch button on the tailgate itself. This time around, Maruti has offered six airbags as standard.

Regarding the engine, the host mentions that the vibrations can be felt in the new Swift as it is powered by a three cylinder engine. However, the vibrations can be noticed in the first gear only.

The 2024 Swift is powered by a 1.2-litre Z series three cylinder engine. This engine produces 80 PS of power and 111 Nm of torque. The power figures are similar to that of the 2023 Swift which was offered with a 1.2-litre four cylinder engine producing 89 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque. Transmission options are kept the same which includes a 5-speed manual and an AMT.