Overspeeding Two-Wheeler Crashes Into a Car Taking U-Turn [Video]

Biker crashes into car

Overspeeding is a major cause of accidents on Indian roads. We have seen how this simple mistake leads to major accidents every day on our roads. People even lose loved ones in such accidents. Here we have one such accident that recently surfaced online. In this video, we see how an overspeeding biker crashed into a car that was taking a U-turn on the road.

The video has been shared by Drive Smart on their Twitter profile. The video was recorded by a CCTV camera installed on the roadside. The accident happened somewhere in Kerala. In this video, we see a Swift Dzire sedan slowing down on the side of the road. The driver of the car was preparing to take a U-turn.

He stopped on the side of the road and waited for the car and a bike behind him to pass. Once he saw that both sides of the road were clear, he started taking the turn. There were a couple of bikers coming from the rear; however, they were far, and the driver had enough time to make the turn before they came close.

The car driver turned the steering wheel, and suddenly we see a biker who was not on the screen a few seconds ago appear out of nowhere. He was riding fast, and when the driver looked at the traffic, he was not present. The biker overtook all the other two-wheeler riders and then proceeded ahead.

Overspeeding Two-Wheeler Crashes Into a Car Taking U-Turn [Video]
Biker crashes into car

The biker saw the car but wanted to squeeze the bike through the narrow gap before the car made the turn. The biker had enough time to slow down; however, he didn’t. The car driver looked at the oncoming traffic, and when he turned to look at the traffic from the opposite direction, he was probably surprised to see a bike coming toward his direction.

The car driver applied the brakes. By the time the biker realized his mistake, it was too late. He crashed into the front fender of the car. It was a high-speed crash, and the biker was not alone. On impact, the pillion, who was a girl, was thrown off the bike. She flew over the bonnet of the car and landed on the road.

It doesn’t look like any of them were wearing a helmet. Thankfully, they didn’t hit their heads on the road. The pillion is seen lying on the road as it looks like she hit the road pretty hard. The rider is seen walking in the video.

In this case, the biker is clearly at fault. He was extremely fast on this narrow road. Neither the rider nor the pillion was wearing a helmet. The car driver was careful and patient while taking the turn; however, it was the biker who was riding recklessly and went to the opposite lane in a bid to overtake the car that was making the turn.

Always be careful while driving or riding on the road, as it is not a place for you to do stunts. Also, if you are on a two-wheeler, ensure that you are wearing a helmet. It is an absolute must-have as it saves you from head injuries in case of an accident. We hope the rider and pillion on the bike didn’t have any serious injuries.