Chappal Hurled At PM Modi’s Car As Motorcade Passes Through Varanasi Streets (Video)

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The recently re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi was traveling through Varanasi where an unforeseen incident took place. A video has been shared on the internet where a chappal was seen hurled at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bulletproof Toyota Fortuner. This was done while his motorcade moved through the crowded streets of Varanasi. The video clip shows the chappal landing on the bonnet of the vehicle.

This video of this security breach involving PM Modi’s vehicle has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Vijaita Singh. In this short clip, we can note a white Toyota Hilux with three photographers standing on the rear tailgate. After this, we observe PM Modi’s bulletproof black Toyota Fortuner. It can also be heard in the video that the person recording states that someone has thrown a chappal on the car.

Following this, we can see that a vigilant security official who was standing on the car’s side steps on the driver side quickly threw this chappal back at the public. The video clearly shows that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sitting on the front passenger seat of this particular Fortuner. After this, a few more bulletproof Fortuners and other SUVs completed the cavalcade.

Reports on this incident

Chappal Hurled At PM Modi’s Car As Motorcade Passes Through Varanasi Streets (Video)

At the moment, the authenticity of the video has yet to be verified. However, from what we can observe, it looks like this security breach did take place and a chappal was actually thrown on PM’s vehicle. Some contradictory reports have been shared online in which a senior Uttar Pradesh police officer has claimed otherwise.

It has been stated that the object was not a chappal; rather, it was a mobile phone. However, from the video, it can be observed that it was actually a chappal. Apart from this, many people have questioned the security of the Prime Minister during his public engagements.

PM Modi’s Varanasi Visit

Chappal Hurled At PM Modi’s Car As Motorcade Passes Through Varanasi Streets (Video)

The primary reason for which PM Modi was visiting Varanasi was because he participated in the revered Ganga Aarti. Following this, he released funds under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme. This visit marked Modi’s first trip to Varanasi after securing his third consecutive term as MP from the area. However, this time around, he won by a reduced majority.

Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner

Coming to the car in which PM Modi was spotted, it was a bulletproof Toyota Fortuner in which generally his Z+ security guards travel. This vehicle is utilized by PM Modi when he is out of Delhi at any remote location.

This particular Fortuner is equipped with blast-resistant fuel tanks, bulletproof doors and glass, and reinforced suspension systems. It comes powered by the standard 2.8-liter engine and 4×4 drivetrain, providing excellent maneuverability.

PM Modi’s Newest Bulletproof Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard

Chappal Hurled At PM Modi’s Car As Motorcade Passes Through Varanasi Streets (Video)

In addition to the Fortuner, PM Modi’s primary bulletproof car is his Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard. This ultra-luxurious bulletproof sedan offers VR10 protection. This is currently the highest level of protection available for civilian vehicles.

It is capable of withstanding hardened steel core bullets and explosive blasts. Additionally, this bulletproof sedan’s cabin can be sealed to fend off gas attacks, and the fuel tank is designed to self-seal in the event of a puncture.

The Maybach S650 Guard features a specially reinforced body with integrated steel and polycarbonate-coated windows. As for the powerplant, this sedan comes equipped with a massive 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbocharged engine that delivers 523 horsepower and 830 Nm of torque.

The Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

Chappal Hurled At PM Modi’s Car As Motorcade Passes Through Varanasi Streets (Video)

Apart from the newly added Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard, Prime Minister Narendra is seen traveling around in an armored Toyota Land Cruiser. The armoring enhancements include bulletproof windows, reinforced body panels, and advanced blast protection measures. At times, PM Modi is also seen using a bulletproof Range Rover as well.