Man Drives With Dog On Lap: MVD To Suspend Driving License [Video]

dog in car driver's lap kerala

We often see bizarre things on Indian roads. We have seen people ride two-wheelers with a dog as a pillion. People on bikes with three to four passengers are also spotted often. Some people love their pets so much that they can’t even stay away from them while driving. One such video of a priest from Kerala went viral on the internet. In this video, the priest was seen driving his car with his pet on his lap. The video became viral, and Kerala MVD came across it. The department is now planning to take action against the driver.

The video has been shared by Mathrubhumi News on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Kerala’s Kollam district. As per the report, Fr. Biju Vincent of Nooranad, Kollam, was seen driving his car with his pet dog in his lap. The video was posted online, and the Alappuzha RTO enforcement officer came across it and decided to take action.

They have sent a show cause notice to Mr. Biju. On June 5th, the priest was seen driving his Maruti Ertiga with registration number KL02AS3460 from Charummoodu to Padanilam in this manner. We can see the dog sitting on the driver’s lap. The driver himself posted the video on social media platforms. The dog, in fact, had its head out of the driver-side window.

Man Drives With Dog On Lap: MVD To Suspend Driving License [Video]

This is dangerous as you never know how these animals would react. The priest has come forward with an explanation, saying that he was returning from a veterinary hospital after treating his dog’s leg injury. That is why the dog was sitting on his lap. The Motor Vehicle Department has told the priest that it is illegal to drive a car in this manner and that Mr. Biju Vincent’s driving license might get suspended.

Driving a car with a pet sitting on the lap is extremely dangerous, especially when you are driving with the window glass rolled down. Animals like dogs are extremely territorial and protective. If they spot a threat or any other animal while the car is in motion, they might jump out of the car and injure themselves. The animal is also blocking the view of the driver, which is even more dangerous.

The driver cannot see the vehicle coming from the rear. This may cause accidents. The driver can also get easily distracted from driving because of the pet dog.

Ideally, if you are traveling with a pet, it is always recommended to make them sit on the backseat. It would be ideal if you can put the leash on your pet so that they don’t run around and hurt themselves while the car is in motion.

This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. A few years ago, we saw a video where a man was riding a bike with a dog on the pillion seat. The dog was balancing on the rear seat while the bike was in motion.

The video was also from Kerala, and MVD took action in this case too. They issued a fine to the owner of the bike. We assume that similar action is expected to be taken in this case as well.