Raveena Tandon Wants Everyone To Install Dashcams In Their Cars: Here’s Why

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Raveena Tandon has been in the news lately. Her car was recently involved in a hit-and-run case near her Carter Road residence in Bandra. Videos of the incident have been circulating online. The actress has now come forward and urged people to install CCTV cameras and dashcams in their cars to avoid getting involved in such incidents.

Raveena Tandon shared a story on Instagram that said, “Thank you for the overwhelming love, belief, and support! Moral of the story? Get dashcams and CCTVs now!” She posted the story on social media to emphasize the importance of dash cameras and how they can help in proving one’s innocence.

The Bollywood actress was involved in this controversy after three women claimed that she had abused them in a drunken state. One report mentions that the three women, who claimed to be the victims, had gathered outside the actress’s house in Bandra, picked a fight first, and abused Raveena’s driver. There are even reports that the actress was trying to calm the mob, and while speaking to the women, a man who came out of nowhere pulled her by her hair and slapped her.

The women had accused Raveena’s car of being driven in a rash manner and hitting a woman. The woman also claimed that the driver of her car assaulted her after the crash. However, the CCTV video that surfaced online proved these claims to be wrong. In the video, we see Raveena’s car being reversed when a lady walked past it. She got mad, started arguing with the driver, and asked him to drive slowly. Raveena, who was in the car, then got out and engaged in an argument. The car never hit the woman, and the driver never assaulted her.

Importance of Dashboard Cameras

This incident shows how important it is to install a dashboard camera, also known as dashcam, in a car. Just like dash cameras, CCTVs also prove to be useful in such situations. In this case, the CCTV footage was used as evidence to prove Raveena’s innocence. If she had not had any proof, it would have been considered one of those cases where people blame the actress for being irresponsible and rude towards other road users.

Raveena Tandon Wants Everyone To Install Dashcams In Their Cars: Here’s Why

There have been several cases reported from many parts of the country where dash cameras have served as evidence in road rage incidents. Recently, we came across a video where an Ola Electric scooter was seen harassing a Hyundai i20 owner on the road. The scooter rider overtook the car from the left, started shouting at the driver, and demanded that he stop the vehicle. The man then broke the ORVM and hit the windshield of the car with a coconut shell.

The driver escaped from the situation and produced the video in front of the cops. An investigation is currently in progress. Bengaluru police have tracked offenders in the past and have given them appropriate punishments and fines.

If you ever find yourself in such situations, call for help and take down important information that would help the cops in tracing the offenders. Never engage with the other party, as it would only make things worse.