Mahindra Scorpio-N Driver Loses Control And Crashes After Changing Lanes Recklessly: Dashcam Video

mahindra scorpio-n lane change crash

Reckless driving is the cause of most accidents. Even on newly built highways, we have seen people drive fast and in a reckless manner. This often leads to accidents, and in some cases, other innocent road users also become victims. Here we have a video of a Mahindra Scorpio-N being driven very recklessly. The SUV was attempting to change lanes at high speed, which led to the crash.

The video has been shared by DriveSmart – Be a Smart Driver on their YouTube channel. It was recorded by the dashcam of a car passing through the same highway. It appears the video was recorded somewhere in Gujarat. In this video, we see the car moving smoothly on a six-lane highway. The car with the dashcam is in the rightmost lane, and there is a Baleno hatchback in front.

The car was maintaining a steady speed and a safe distance from the car in front. Ahead of the Baleno, there was another car in the middle lane. The driver of that car was also maintaining a steady speed.

Suddenly, we see a Mahindra Scorpio-N pass through the left lane of the dashcam car. It overtakes the Baleno too, and then the driver changes lanes.

The driver changed lanes to overtake the car in the middle lane. The SUV was being driven at high speed, and it was clear that the SUV was being driven recklessly. It appears to be a lower variant of the SUV with steel rims.

The SUV attempted to change lanes to avoid the vehicle in front. However, in a bid to do that, the driver lost control and regretted the decision almost immediately.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Driver Loses Control And Crashes After Changing Lanes Recklessly: Dashcam Video
Scorpio N crash

The SUV lost control, and we can see in the video that the driver was trying to regain control, but it was too late by then. The SUV toppled and crashed into the highway railing. It is not clear if the Scorpio-N crashed into any other vehicle on the road.

All the vehicles behind the Scorpio-N came to a halt after the crash. The video ends abruptly and doesn’t show how badly the SUV was damaged.

It looks like the SUV was severely damaged, and we hope the occupants survived the crash with minor injuries. The only reason for this accident was the reckless driving by the Scorpio-N driver. While he did have a wide and straight highway in front of him, he should have been more responsible.

It seems the SUV was way above the speed limit on the road, and the driver forgot that he was driving an SUV. SUVs like the Scorpio-N are tall and have a higher center of gravity. This means it is very easy to lose control of such SUVs if you are not careful. The driver should have ideally slowed down, checked for traffic at the rear, and then changed lanes to avoid this crash.

Instead, the driver simply got ambitious and ended up crashing his vehicle. Thankfully, the SUV didn’t crash into any other vehicle, and no innocent road user had to suffer.