Toyota Innova Type 4 Resto-Modded To Look And Feel Brand New [Video]

toyota innova type 4 restored

Toyota launched the Innova in the Indian market in 2005. Multiple facelifts of the original Innova were introduced before it was replaced by the currently sold Innova Crysta. As Toyota is known for making reliable engines, the Innova can cover lakhs of kms without failing.

Due to this rock solid reliability, we can still see multiple examples of the old Innova on the road. However, the cosmetic condition is hard to maintain as the cars age. Today, we will cover a type 4 Innova which has been restored to its former glory.

The restoration job is done by the team at Autorounders who have showcased their work via a YouTube video. The video starts with the before look of the car. As expected, the cosmetic condition of the car is quite rough.

Multiple scratches and dents can be seen on the car’s exterior. The host adds that the Innova is a very comfortable and practical car and if someone owns an Innova, he should get it restored instead of selling it. The interior of this Innova is pretty beat up as well. Commenting on the mechanical condition of the car, the host says that the engine of this car is running good and it does not require any work.

Toyota Innova Type 4 Resto-Modded To Look And Feel Brand New [Video]

Talking about the changes done to this Innova, the host states that this car will be restored and repainted along with some basic modifications such as an upgraded lighting setup and interior customization. All in all they have tried to keep the look of this as it came from the showroom.

The video shows the entire process of the restoration. Major parts of the car such as bumper and grille are removed. After that the body of the car is prepped for paint job. The video specially highlights the quality of work of Autorounders.

The car is painted inside a paint booth. The changes done to this Innova include Projector Headlights, LED Taillights and Projector Fog Lamps,. To add a sporty vibe to the MPV, the grille and the alloy wheels are painted in gloss black. The chrome insert on the tailgate is also painted in gloss black. Additionaly,a rear diffuser is added which features a dual exhaust design.

Similar to the exterior, the interior of the car is also restored. Additions to the cabin include scuff plates, carbon fiber finish steering wheel, Android Touchscreen, Ambient Lights and premium seat covers. The theme is changed from beige and gray to dark gray and ice gray. This color combination is quite similar to the original theme.

Overall, we can say that the work done by the team is commendable. Many Innova owners do not want to sell their cars so restoration is a good option for them. However, it is suggested to get these sorts of work at professional and trusted workshops only.