Old Man Comes Out Of Toyota Fortuner And Starts Hitting Another Car [Video]

angry old man toyota fortuner

As we all know, roads in India are filled with stupid people. A lot of these people are always ready to fight for no reason. And because of this, the cases of road rage in the country have gone up significantly. Recently, another such incident has been shared online. In this particular case, an old uncle came out of his Toyota Fortuner and started hitting another car with his hands. The video shows what exactly led to this situation.

The video of this road rage incident has come courtesy of Prateek Singh from YouTube. It starts with a car equipped with a dashcam moving slowly on the Court Road in Rohini, Delhi. It can be noted that the road was filled with parked bikes and cars on the sides. So because of this, the traffic was moving very slowly.

What happened next?

After this, we can note that there was a white Toyota Fortuner SUV coming from the opposite side. We can then note that the Toyota Fortuner driver was moving his car towards the left side and came very close to the car with the dashcam. What then happens is that at one point the Fortuner slightly touches the bumper of the car with the camera.

During this, the car driver opens his window and tells the Fortuner driver about this. However, it appears that the windows of the Fortuner were closed, so the driver could not hear. Because of this, the dashcam car owner banged on the door of the Fortuner to let him know.

Fortuner driver started abusing

Unfortunately, soon after the banging of the door, the Toyota Fortuner driver started abusing the other car driver. He was relentlessly shouting at him as to why he hit the car. To this, the car driver was saying that he did it to let him know. He did not hurt his car. Instead, his Fortuner hit the bumper of his car.

Old man starts hitting car

Old Man Comes Out Of Toyota Fortuner And Starts Hitting Another Car [Video]

Soon after this, it can be noted in the video, an old uncle from the Fortuner steps out. And soon after this, he comes in front of the car with the camera and starts hitting it with his bare hands. He gives two hits to the bonnet of the car and asks the car driver to move ahead.

Police officer was present at the situation

During this incident, the dashcam car driver was just trying to explain to the Fortuner driver why he hit his door. The same was being done by the mother of the car owner. However, the uncle and the driver of the Fortuner were not listening, and they kept on hurling abuses.

Old Man Comes Out Of Toyota Fortuner And Starts Hitting Another Car [Video]

What’s more embarrassing about this situation is that there was a police officer on the road. During this event, he did not intervene immediately. Also, as mentioned, this particular incident happened in front of the court.

People with power think they own the road

This is not an isolated incident. We have seen on numerous occasions that people with money and power get away by doing such things to common people. They believe that they own the road and can treat anyone as they like.

Old Man Comes Out Of Toyota Fortuner And Starts Hitting Another Car [Video]
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A prime example of this happened recently in Pune where a 17.5-year-old boy killed two IT professionals with his Porsche Taycan electric sedan. Despite having all the evidence against him, the boy was released from police custody in just 15 hours.