School Boy’s Presence Of Mind Saves Lives After School Bus Flips [Video]

school boy saves lives students school bus

One has to always stay alert while driving on Indian roads, especially when you are driving near heavy vehicles like buses and trucks. When such vehicles get into accidents, the damage is usually more significant, and people often get injured more severely. When such accidents occur, the presence of mind of people at the spot matters a lot. Here we have one such video from Telangana, where a school bus taking a turn flips after getting hit by a car coming from the right lane.

The video has been shared by Nikhil Rana on their YouTube channel. The video was recorded by the CCTV installed next to the road. The bus seen in the video belongs to a school and was carrying students. The bus was on a highway, and there was a gap in the median. The bus driver turned the vehicle to take a U-turn without looking at the traffic coming from the rear.

There was a Maruti Dzire coming from the rear at high speed, and the car driver was not expecting a move like this from the bus driver. The Dzire driver crashed into the bus as the bus was turning. On impact, the bus flipped on the road. The car was probably damaged badly, but we can’t see much of the car in this video.

The bus was lying sideways, and luckily, there was not much vehicle movement on the road when this happened. There was a biker who saw the accident happen and suddenly turned around to offer help. The person was trying to help the kids and the driver. A few seconds after the bus flipped, we see a kid escaping from the window of the bus. He successfully jumps out and, without wasting time, runs to the front of the bus.

We can see him talk to the biker who was standing in front of the bus, confused about what to do. Without thinking, the school kid starts kicking on the front windshield of the bus.

The glass is broken, and in no time, the kids start moving out. According to the video, most of them survived the accident. There are unconfirmed reports that say two people lost their lives. It is not clear if it was someone from the bus or someone traveling in the car that crashed into the bus.

School Boy’s Presence Of Mind Saves Lives After School Bus Flips [Video]
Bus flips while taking turn

The presence of mind of the school kid in this case is commendable. He was actually brave enough to pull himself out of the situation and rise up to the occasion and help his friends who were trapped in the bus.

Who’s at fault?

In this case, the bus driver was clearly at fault. He should have been extremely careful while taking the turn. We do understand that long vehicles like buses have to take wide turns so that the rear doesn’t touch the median. However, before taking the turn, the driver should have ideally stopped and looked for oncoming traffic before turning.

If the bus driver had waited or stopped for a few seconds, we are sure he would have spotted the approaching car. Also, the car was speeding; we are not sure if it was above the legal limits or not. Whatever the case may have been, it is always a good idea to stop, look, and then move before making such turns.