Son Surprises Dad On 70th Birthday: Buys Him A Mini Cooper S

son gifts dad mini cooper dream car

Buying a car for yourself with your own hard-earned money is an achievement that one can never forget. But what’s even better is when you can gift a car to your loved ones and see their face filled with joy and tears of happiness. Recently, showing this exact moment, a video has been shared online. In this short video, a man can be seen surprising his father with a brand-new Mini Cooper S luxury hatchback. And the reaction he received from his father has had the eyes of netizens filled with light tears.

Man surprises father with new Mini Cooper S

This short video of a young man handing over the keys to his father for his new Mini Cooper S luxury hatchback has come courtesy of Real Kings Give from Instagram. It starts off with the young man, his father, and other family members going to a Mercedes-Benz dealership. The video states that his dad thought they went to buy a car for their family. He then asks his dad by showing a white car if he likes that one.

Son Surprises Dad On 70th Birthday: Buys Him A Mini Cooper S

Following this, the son suggests, “What about the other car parked over there?” This particular car was the Mini Cooper S which he had already bought for him. After this, he asks him to check it out. The father can be heard saying, “This is the type of car I like and it would be the one that I would buy if I wanted to buy one.”

Final reveal of the gift

After hearing this, the entire family along with the father and son goes towards the parked Mini Cooper S. The son then says, “This car is free and it’s for you.” The father then becomes shocked and says that no, it can’t be. After this, the son says, “Happy birthday,” and gives him a hug. Up until this point, his father doesn’t believe that this car is his and jokingly asks about the price of the vehicle.

Son Surprises Dad On 70th Birthday: Buys Him A Mini Cooper S

However, soon after this, a person hands over the keys of the Mini Cooper S to the father and this is when he realizes that the car is actually his. At this point, the father becomes even more shocked and instantly folds his hands in front of his son and the family members present at the place. He is then seen sitting inside his new car and a picture of him is shared with his son and his brand-new Mini Cooper S.

The heartwarming story behind this gift

Son Surprises Dad On 70th Birthday: Buys Him A Mini Cooper S

The son who gifted his father this Mini Cooper S wrote, “6 months ago, my dad turned 70. One of the things he often talked about was owning a Mini Cooper. While growing up, my Dad and I watched the ‘Italian Job’ many times on repeat. It was a fond memory, as he loved this movie which had the iconic car in it.”

He added, “For those who know my Dad well, he doesn’t care about fancy things.. at all. He’s always been the most selfless person I know and would always put the needs of others before his own. So, I made it a goal of mine to one day buy this car for him. This was probably the proudest moment I had as a son.”

Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S is one of the most popular luxury hatchbacks sold by the British luxury carmaker Mini. This particular model appears to be the last generation model. Currently, the company offers the newest generation of this model in India at a price of Rs 42.7 lakh. This three-door hot hatch comes powered by a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine which produces a maximum power of 189 bhp and 280 Nm of torque.

Manju Warrier bought a Mini Cooper SE

Son Surprises Dad On 70th Birthday: Buys Him A Mini Cooper S

Back in 2022, the popular Malayalam actress Manju Warrier bought a brand-new Mini Cooper SE hatchback worth Rs 47.20 lakh. This is the all-electric version of the Mini Cooper S three-door. It comes with a 32.6 kWh battery pack and an electric motor that generates 184 Ps and 270 Nm of peak torque.