India’s Most POWERFUL Volkswagen Polo Makes A Jaw-Dropping 450 BHP [Video]

volkswagen polo india 450 bhp modified

Volkswagen Polo, launched in India in 2010 has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its huge aftermarket potential. There are numerous of both cosmetic and performance mods available for this hot hatch in India and internationally. Today, we are going to talk about a tastefully modified Volkswagen Polo which is showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by B CHOWW. It also happens to be India’s most powerful Polo, with 450 Bhp of peak power!

The Youtuber is calling this polo as the wildest modified Volkswagen Polo in the entire country. It is up to you to decide whether this car justifies this title or not. Now, let’s talk about the car and what makes it the wildest in the country.

The host starts with the introduction of the car and mentions that soon this Polo will be producing a massive 600 horsepower. For reference, the 5.0-litre V8 engine of the Ford Mustang produces 480 HP and a Lamborghini Huracan powered by a V10 produces 640 HP.

This Polo is powered by a 2.0-litre TSi engine which, after mods and tuning, is producing 450 HP and 580 Nm of torque. This car is built by Niktrans Motorsports who have an experience of over twenty years. Regarding the number, the host mentions that this car has done quarter mile in just 11.5 seconds.

India’s Most POWERFUL Volkswagen Polo Makes A Jaw-Dropping 450 BHP [Video]

The host starts with the exterior of the car. The car is finished in a beautiful shade of black. The hood and the fenders are changed to carbon fiber for weight reduction. The front and rear bumpers are changed to R-line bumpers.

The alloys wheels are from Team Dynamics which are wrapped in Michelin rubber. The car is also fitted with a big brake kit to increase the braking performance. The car has been converted from FWD to an AWD system from the Audi A3. Additionally, this Polo is fitted with dual APR exhausts.

After showing the exterior, the host shifts to the interior of the car. The mods in the interior of the car are very subtle and practical. This car can be used for tracks as well as a daily driver. The regular seats have been changed to VRS seats. The steering wheel and the instrument cluster are also upgraded. To add to the vibe of the cabin, very minimal ambient lighting has also been installed.

After the interior, the host pops the hood to show us the heart of this Polo which has been engine swapped to accommodate a 2.0-litre Tsi engine from the Volkswagen Golf. This engine is mated to a DQ250 Golf R gearbox. The host adds that this combination is super rare. Additionally, the car features an AWD system and a full system APR setup including the air filter.

He adds that the project started as a FWD project only and with the FWD system they were able to achieve about 400 HP. Putting out this much power just to the front wheels did not make any sense. Hence, the car was converted to AWD. The host mentions that in the first four gears, the car would just wheelspin when it was FWD. With some more performance upgrades this car can produce up to 650 BHP.