Avinya Launch Confirmed: Most Futuristic Tata EV On Video

Tata Avinya EV launch confirmed

The third largest carmaker in India, Tata Motors, has officially confirmed the launch of its highly anticipated electric vehicle, the Tata Avinya. This new all-electric car concept was first shown back in 2022. As per the company, the Avinya EV will make its official debut in 2025. Apart from this, the company has also revealed its plans to introduce a total of 10 EVs in the Indian market by 2025.

Avinya, which means “innovation” in Sanskrit, will become the flagship EV in the company’s portfolio. Tata Motors currently offers the Tiago EV, Tigor EV, Punch EV, Nexon EV, and X-Pres T in India. And in the not-so-distant future, it will be launching the Curvv EV, Harrier EV, Safari EV, and Sierra EV.

Tata Avinya EV: Details

Platform specifications

Avinya Launch Confirmed: Most Futuristic Tata EV On Video

One of the standout features of the Tata Avinya will be its platform. It has been confirmed by Tata Motors that it will be based on Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA). Tata Motors and JLR back in November of 2022 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to utilize the EMA platform.

With this agreement, Tata Motors will be able to access JLR’s advanced electric drive unit, battery pack, and manufacturing know-how. For this, Tata Motors will be paying a royalty fee to Jaguar Land Rover. The EMA platform will also support the next-gen Evoque and Discovery Sport from JLR.

Design Details

Avinya Launch Confirmed: Most Futuristic Tata EV On Video

Now, coming to the design details of the Tata Avinya. This unique-looking vehicle will boast an extremely futuristic design that combines elements of MPVs and hatchbacks. The concept vehicle, which was shown back in 2022, featured a dual-tone finish in copper and black.

At the front, the Avinya concept was missing a traditional front grille, which is a standout detail of all electric cars. It also featured a unique-looking LED headlight and connected LED DRL setup. The front LED DRL is an extension of the new Tata logo that was featured on this car.

Avinya Launch Confirmed: Most Futuristic Tata EV On Video

The middle portion of the bonnet was finished in black, which integrated with the A-pillar. Overall, it gave this unique-looking vehicle a very sleek and modern appearance. Apart from this, other details noted from this concept were that it was equipped with a number of cameras. These cameras even replaced the conventional rearview mirrors.

On the side profile, the Avinya EV concept featured massive diamond-cut alloy wheels and distinctive door sills. From a brief glance, it appeared like an elongated and sleeker-looking Tata Altroz. Coming to the rear, it featured a continuous light bar that also formed the new Tata logo.

Interior design details

As for the interior, the concept of the Avinya EV was shown with a very minimalistic yet luxurious cabin. The main highlight was its lounge-like seating. It also featured distinctive suicide doors for easy ingress and egress. Other features included headrest-integrated speakers, an aroma diffuser, and eco-friendly materials used for the cabin.

Technological features

Tata Motors, during the unveiling of this unique EV concept, stated that it will be supporting Software Over The Air (SOTA) and Feature Over The Air (FOTA) capabilities. It added that the EMA platform has been designed to accommodate advanced driver assistance systems and extensive cloud connectivity.

Avinya Launch Confirmed: Most Futuristic Tata EV On Video

This unique feature will enable communication with other vehicles and infrastructure like traffic control networks. In addition, the company added that the platform is engineered to achieve a 5-star safety rating. Lastly, it added that it will include ultrafast charging technologies. The exact powertrain details were not revealed, but it will be getting a minimum range of 500 km on a single full charge.