Tata Currv In Official Video Before Launch: Fresh Teasers Out

Tata Curvv pre launch teaser

Tata Motors is gearing up for the launch of its most unique offering, the Curvv coupe SUV. This SUV will soon be launched in the country with ICE and EV drivetrain options. Now, prior to the official launch, the company has released a new pre-launch video of this coupe being tested in the arid Thar desert. This video shows not one but two Tata Curvv SUVs being driven in the harsh and hot conditions of the desert.

Tata Curvv pre-launch teaser

This newest teaser video of the highly anticipated Tata Curvv has been shared on YouTube. It comes courtesy of TataEV, the electric vehicle division’s official channel. It starts with a mention that this rigorous testing was done in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Following this, two fully camouflaged Tata Curvv EVs come into the frame.

Both of these Curvv EV test mules are then seen drifting and driving on the dry Thar desert of Rajasthan. The unique coupe silhouette of the Curvv can be noted completely. It can also be noted that there were foam pads on the doors which are placed to hide the actual body lines of the car.

Tata Currv In Official Video Before Launch: Fresh Teasers Out

The Curvv EV test mules can also be seen being driven on the empty stretch of roads. This teaser highlights that the company has already tested the Curvv EV in the extremely hot areas of the country where the temperatures reach around 50°C. It also highlights that the Curvv EV is capable of performing light off-roading as well.

Previous Tata Curvv teaser

Apart from this particular teaser, the company also recently released another teaser of the Tata Curvv. This new teaser was shot at the design studio of Tata Motors. In this, different design elements of the Tata Curvv were showcased. The main ones being the LED DRLs and LED headlights at the front.

This teaser also showed a glimpse of the new and extremely futuristic-looking alloy wheel design. It also showcased the new upside-down L-shaped LED taillight. It also showed how the designers have been working on the various design elements of the Tata Curvv EV.

Tata Curvv EV

As the video was shared by TataEV, this confirms that the vehicle in the video was the Tata Curvv EV. The company, soon after the official launch of the Curvv EV, will also be launching the Curvv ICE versions as well.

Tata Currv In Official Video Before Launch: Fresh Teasers Out

At the moment, the exact powertrain details of the upcoming Curvv EV are unknown. However, most likely, the company will be offering it with two battery pack options. The expected maximum range of the Tata Curvv EV is around 500 km. It has been confirmed that it will be based on the Tata Acti.ev platform.

From the exterior design details that have been noted so far, we all are aware that it will borrow its design cues from the newly facelifted Tata Nexon. It will get three-strike LED DRLs which will be connected. There will also be similar LED headlights on the bottom bumper. Apart from this, it will look very similar to the Nexon from the front.

Tata Currv In Official Video Before Launch: Fresh Teasers Out

The main difference will be on the rear of this coupe SUV. It will boast a sloping roofline which will give it a very unique coupe-like appearance. This will be followed by connected LED taillights. The rear bumper will also be sculpted.

In terms of the interior, it will look almost exactly like the one that we see on the Tata Nexon. It will come equipped with features such as a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system in the centre and a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument cluster.

Tata Currv In Official Video Before Launch: Fresh Teasers Out

Most likely, it will also be offered with premium features like seat ventilation, a panoramic sunroof, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, a multi-function steering wheel, and leatherette upholstery. There will also be the same touch-based HVAC controls and a push-button start/stop as well.