Owner Of Rs. 32 Lakh Tata Harrier: Scared To Even Drive This!

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Customers facing issues with Tata cars is a topic that we have featured on our website several times. In most cases, the customer is given a resolution to their issue. We now have a video of another customer who bought a Tata Harrier from a Tata dealer in Lucknow 7 months ago. Over the past 7 months, the customer has faced and is still facing several issues with his new SUV and has visited the service center at least 4 times.

The video seen here has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video was shared with the vlogger by the owner. The owner and his father, who was a government officer, had sold their old car and decided to buy a new SUV with all the savings his father had after he retired. The family finalized on a Tata Safari and booked the SUV.

The dealership had promised to deliver the Safari on January 7th. The complete payment (Rs 32 lakh) for the SUV was made upfront, and the family was now waiting for their Safari When the date arrived, the dealership failed to deliver the SUV and did not even give an explanation to the customer. They stopped responding to the customer’s calls.

The customer waited for a couple more days, and when he visited the dealership, he was told that they might have to wait longer to get the Safari. The customer really wanted the SUV to take his mother to hospitals, as online cab booking services don’t work very well in the area.

The customer spoke to the dealership staff, and they offered him a solution. The dealership offered him a top-end Harrier automatic Dark Edition instead of the Safari. The customer, needing a vehicle badly, decided to settle for the Harrier. He agreed to the offer as the SUV was readily available.

Owner Of Rs. 32 Lakh Tata Harrier: Scared To Even Drive This!
Tata customer faces multiple issues with Harrier

Since the day he took delivery, he has been facing issues with the vehicle. The customer mentions that while taking delivery of the Harrier, he noticed some issues with the vehicle, and the staff assured him that they’d get it fixed in the next couple of days. The sunroof of the SUV was leaking, the power window buttons were not working properly, and various panels on the doors and other parts were loose.

The customer sent the Tata Harrier to the service center to get these issues fixed. Two of the tires were also losing pressure, and the TPMS warning was constantly on. The service center returned the vehicle, claiming that the issues had been fixed and the sunroof had been replaced. However, some time after this, the customer faced the same issue. He found that the sunroof was not replaced but the leak was only fixed using gum. Also see: 12 Instances Of Tata Cars And SUVs Disappointing Customers

New Issues Begin With The Harrier

The customer then started facing mechanical issues. The SUV broke down a couple of times, and once, the customer even saw smoke coming from the bonnet. He sent the car to the service center again, and they returned the vehicle, claiming that the issues had been fixed. However, as months passed, the customer started facing more issues.

The Harrier was not displaying the speed, and the instrument cluster had stopped responding. The vehicle was not shifting to higher gears, and there were significant vibrations in the vehicle. The customer bought the SUV with hopes of taking long road trips with his family; however, due to these issues, he is afraid to take this car out for a drive in the city.

The most recent incident was when the car stopped at a petrol pump at night. The customer even shared a video showing that the car’s system was not responding and the engine was not starting. The customer has approached the dealership and even the manufacturer several times, according to the video, but he is yet to get any response or resolution.

It is quite clear that the customer was given a defective vehicle, and the dealership is not doing anything to resolve the issue. In such cases, customers usually demand a brand new vehicle. We hope the manufacturer addresses this problem and takes the right steps to resolve the issue.