Tata Harrier Falls Off Bridge At 15,000 Ft [Video]

Tata Harrier fall

Fell of a bridge at 15,000 feet into a stream below: Family escapes uninjured

Driving in the mountains is extremely tricky, and one has to be very careful when navigating such treacherous terrain. People often get too excited when they see empty and winding mountain roads, and this excitement can often result in accidents. Even if you are an experienced mountain driver, it is always recommended to maintain a safe speed and stay alert to road conditions ahead. Here, we have a video of a Tata Harrier that fell off a bridge into a stream at 15,000 feet above mean sea level. Thankfully, the occupants of the car escaped without any injuries.

The video was posted by Raftaar 7811 on his YouTube channel. He actually took a screenshot from the video of another vlogger who posted a video of this accident. The vlogger, who has a YouTube channel called Explore the Unseen 2.0, was on a trip to the Indo-China border in his Fortuner and a Toyota Hilux.

The vlogger and his friends were driving on mountain roads through treacherous terrain. The roads were completely damaged, and the tracks were filled with loose rocks and pebbles. If you are not careful, it is very easy to lose traction and control of the vehicle and go off the track.

Something like that must have happened with the Tata Harrier. The pre-facelift Tata Harrier was coming from the direction the vlogger was going. He didn’t see the accident happen. They reached a bridge with no railings or markings. After dark, the area is extremely tough to drive.

Tata Harrier Falls Off Bridge At 15,000 Ft [Video]
Harrier fell of the bridge

The bridge is actually placed right after a turn, and if you are not careful, it is very easy to miss the bridge. We feel something like that happened with the Harrier driver. The exact cause of this crash is not known. The SUV fell off the bridge and into the stream. A family of four, including two children, were in the SUV when this accident happened.

All the members escaped the crash without any injuries. They were probably saved by locals or other tourists who were passing through the same route. The SUV fell in such a manner that it was impossible for the driver to open the door and escape. They had to open the tailgate and probably break the sunroof to escape.

This video shows how important it is to stay alert while driving in the mountains. If you look at the place where this accident happened, there is no sign of civilization for kilometers. Getting help in such situations becomes extremely hard. They were also lucky that the stream flowing under the bridge was not too deep.

It looks like the SUV driver might have lost control at the turn or might not have realized that he was driving too close to the edge of the bridge. A minor distraction might have resulted in this crash.

If you look at the SUV, there is not much visible damage. The door and sunroof of the SUV look damaged. The front windshield is also damaged. Other than this, the structure and pillars of the SUV appear intact.