Buy Tata Harrier, Safari At Rs. 1.25 Lakh Discount But There’s A Catch

Tata Motors, the popular Indian automaker known for manufacturing safe cars is offering great discounts on some of its cars. The discount is available on the flagship SUVs, the Harrier and the Safari along with the Nexon, Tigor, Tiago and the Altroz. These discounts are being offered on the pre-facelift versions, MY2023 models and the facelift versions as well. Now, let’s understand these benefits in detail.

Tata Harrier and Tata Safari

Buy Tata Harrier, Safari At Rs. 1.25 Lakh Discount But There’s A Catch

The brand is offering discounts of up to Rs. 1.25 lakhs on the pre facelift version of its flagship five and seven seater SUVs. This discount is available in the form of cash discount and exchange bonus.

Surprisingly, the discount is also available on the facelift version of both the SUVs. However, there is a catch. These facelift versions are the make year 2023 models which mean they were manufactured in 2023 and remained unsold till date. Regarding the discount, buyers can avail of benefits of up to Rs 80,000 on the MY2023 versions of both the SUVs. The facelifted versions have different styling, significant feature additions and engineering changes, making them better buys.

This discount is offered to clear out the unsold inventory so that the new stock can be pushed out to dealers. If you are someone who plans to sell their car in short time (up to four years), you should not go for the MY2023 models as this affects the resale value.

However, if you plan to keep your car for a longer period (upwards of five years) you can buy the MY2023 model without any second thought. This is because, after some time, the condition of car is a more significant factor in resale value as compared to make year.

Tata Nexon

Buy Tata Harrier, Safari At Rs. 1.25 Lakh Discount But There’s A Catch

Now let’s talk about the Nexon which competes in the popular sub 4m segment in India. Tata Motors is offering discounts on both the facelift and pre facelift versions of the Nexon.

The pre-facelift Nexon is available with discounts of up to Rs. 90,000. On the other hand, the facelift version of the Nexon gets a discount of up to Rs 60,000. Additionally, a discount of up to Rs. 75,000 is also being offered on the diesel Nexon.

The Nexon is known for its sturdy build, strong engines and feature-rich cabin. It’s an excellent option in the sub-4 meter SUV space. The SUV is also available in an all-electric version, and is one of India’s highest selling EVs.

Along with these cars, Tata Motors is also offering significant benefits on its smaller cars. This includes a discount of up to Rs. 85,000 on the Tiago, Rs. 80,000 on the Tigor and Rs. 65,000 on the Altroz. Notably, a new variant of the Altroz will launch later today, in the form of the high performance Altroz Racer.

If you were looking to buy a Tata car especially the Safari or the Harrier, this is the perfect time for you as these SUVs are being sold with massive discounts.

Please note that these discounts may be available for a limited time only or until stock lasts. Please check with your nearby showroom for the availability and other details.