12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

Tata car and SUV quality and reliability issues

Tata Motors has significantly improved the quality of its vehicles over the years. The company has invested heavily in research and development, resulting in a new generation of cars that are aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced. Models like the Tata Nexon, Harrier, and Altroz showcase impressive build quality, robust design, and contemporary interiors. Tata’s focus on safety is evident with multiple models receiving high safety ratings in the Global NCAP crash tests.

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

Tata Motors has made considerable strides in improving its after-sales service network across India. With a widespread presence, the company has ensured that customers in even remote areas have access to service centers. Tata’s service packages are competitively priced, making maintenance affordable. However, feedback from customers indicates that service consistency can vary significantly between different centers.

However, the brand still falls short when compared to Japanese brands. You only have to browse social media such as automotive communities and Youtube videos to come across a steady stream of complaints about electronics, mechanical , and service. There are thousands of new satisfied Tata customers every month, but when we compare to the benchmark in quality – Japanese brands such as Toyota or Honda – we believe Tata still falls short.

Disclaimer: In some of the cases, Tata responded promptly and took action. In the rest, we are unaware of what happened after vehicle owners posted their complaints in social media. Note that these are just the ones we reported on. We cannot know which of them were the owners’ fault and which Tata’s. However, the large number of such complaints about Tata (and Mahindra) on social media will definitely make you think again.

Tata Service Centre Spot Welds Tiago EV

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A Tata Tiago EV owner experienced a persistent cranking noise. According to the owner, the service center attempted to fix it by spot welding parts of the car, but the noise issue persisted. Dissatisfied with this temporary solution, the owner is now demanding a replacement vehicle. The customer expressed frustration over the situation, raising concerns about the service quality and vehicle reliability. We are not aware what happened to the vehicle after this situation was revealed by the owner. Read more.

Tata Dealership Goes to Court Against Vlogger

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A Kerala court has banned YouTuber Sanju Techy from posting videos about a Tata dealership after he posted several negative reviews regarding his new Tata Safari, citing issues like steering noise and the car entering limp mode. The dealership, NCS Automotives, filed a defamation case, claiming the allegations were false. The court ordered the vlogger to stop publishing such content until the matter is resolved legally. Sanju plans to take legal action against the dealership as well. Read more

Tata Harrier Owner’s Complaint

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A Tata Harrier owner in Bengaluru reported that the bumper and grille of his SUV melted after being parked in the sun for 10 hours. The owner, who bought the vehicle due to its reputed build quality, expressed disappointment and shared images on social media. Tata Motors responded but suggested the owner pay for the repairs, citing external factors. The incident raises concerns about the vehicle’s durability under extreme heat conditions. Read more

Tata Safari Owner Switches to Mahindra XUV700

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A Tata Safari owner sold his 9-month-old SUV and bought a Mahindra XUV700 due to several issues with the Safari. Problems included a persistent left pull while driving, uncomfortable seats, awkward accelerator pedal positioning, dull throttle response, poor fuel efficiency, and a lack of under-thigh support. The owner also experienced fishtailing during emergency braking, which eroded his confidence in the vehicle’s safety. After driving 24,000 km and facing discomfort on long trips, he opted for the XUV700, which he found more comfortable. Read more

Tata Nexon EV Max Gearbox Issue

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A Tata Nexon EV Max owner reported that the gearbox suddenly stopped working, causing the car to block a basement lane. The owner, Akash Bhangre, shared the incident on social media, requesting urgent assistance from Tata Motors. He highlighted the inconvenience and the delay in getting towing support. The issue appears to be a drivetrain failure, creating significant frustration for the owner. Read more

5-Month-Old Tata Nexon EV Breaks Down

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A 5-month-old Tata Nexon EV in Hyderabad received a “High Voltage” alert and broke down with 16% charge remaining. The owner, Sridhar Ghanta, shared his experience on social media, highlighting a delayed towing service response. The issue appeared after driving through a waterlogged area, suggesting a possible fault caused by water. The owner expressed frustration over the service delay more than the fault itself. Read more

Tata Safari Build Quality Concern

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!
Safari engine mounts damaged

A Tata Safari owner questioned the vehicle’s build quality after the engine mount broke while driving over a speed breaker at 85 km/h on the Mumbai-Agra highway. The incident was shared on social media, sparking discussions about the SUV’s durability and safety. The owner expressed frustration, and the post received varied reactions from users, with some criticizing Tata’s build quality and others noting the high speed over the speed breaker. Read more

Tata Harrier Dark Edition Catches Fire

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!


A six-month-old Tata Harrier Dark Edition caught fire while driving in Lucknow. The video shared on YouTube shows the fire originating from the front right side, burning the headlight assembly and bumper. The exact cause is unknown, but there were no modifications made to the vehicle. Tata Motors is expected to investigate this serious incident. This isn’t an isolated case, as other Tata vehicles have also caught fire recently. Read more

Brand New Tata Nexon Service Issues

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A brand-new Tata Nexon owner faced multiple issues just three days after delivery. The car first experienced instrument cluster and infotainment screen failures, which were temporarily fixed by the service center. Shortly after, the car began honking randomly, even while driving, necessitating another service visit. The persistent problems led the owner to express frustration on social media, highlighting concerns about the vehicle’s reliability and the service response. Read more

Tata Punch EV Gear Selector Issue

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!
Punch.ev faces issue

A new Tata Punch EV owner faced major issues with the gear selector knob and the electric motor, causing safety concerns. The gear selector refused to switch from Neutral to Drive, and the electric motor continued engaging despite braking. The owner demanded a replacement or refund after posting videos of the problems online. Tata Motors agreed to replace the car, but the new vehicle also had similar issues. Read more

Brand New Tata Harrier Breaks Down

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A brand new Tata Harrier SUV broke down the day after purchase, with a malfunction notification and a “Drive Control System Fault” displayed on the instrument cluster. The owner, Nehul Choudhary, received no response from Tata Motors initially and took to social media to share his frustration. Tata Motors later responded, asking for contact details to assist. The incident adds to concerns about Tata’s vehicle reliability and customer service. Read more

Tata Motors Replaces Nexon Due to Electrical Failure

12 Times Tata Cars Disappointed Buyers!

A brand new Tata Nexon Facelift experienced a complete electrical failure on the day of purchase, leaving the owner stranded. Tata Motors responded by replacing the defective car within three days and allowing the owner to choose a different color for the replacement. The quick resolution was appreciated by the owner, highlighting Tata Motors’ commitment to addressing significant product issues promptly. Read more

So what a car buyer do?

Note that despite the high number of complaints about Tata and Mahindra we see online, there are tens of thousands of happy customers for these two brands.

You can ensure you are buying a Tata vehicle as safely as possible by doing a thorough pre-delivery inspection. If you want to know more about pre-delivery inspection, click here.

Absolutely avoid aftermarket modifications, always take to the service centre, and if still something goes wrong, Tweet to senior Tata Motors officials to get your issue resolved.