Lane Change Gone Wrong: Tata Nexon Crashes Into Median While Overtaking Truck [Video]

tata nexon live overtaking crash footage featured

Drivers and riders in India are often too confident about their skills and try to demonstrate them on public roads by driving recklessly. This often creates inconvenience and accidents. No matter how many times authorities try to educate road users, it seems some people never care. Here we have a video in which a Tata Nexon narrowly misses getting crushed under a bus while trying to overtake from the left side. The SUV did hit the median and toppled.

The video has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. It was recorded by the dashcam of a truck and appears to have been taken somewhere in Tamil Nadu. The exact location and details are not available at the moment. In this video, we see a truck moving through the right lane on a four-lane highway. We see that the highway on which the truck was moving is not the widest.

There is decent traffic on the road, and we can see that the truck is maintaining a reasonable speed. We have bikers in the left lane, which makes driving the truck in that lane extremely tricky. As the truck was moving forward, we suddenly see a Tata Nexon trying to overtake the truck from the left lane.

The truck driver probably did not see the Nexon as it was on the left side and in the driver’s blind spot. The Nexon driver was aggressively looking for an opportunity to overtake and managed to get ahead of the truck by a few inches. At that moment, the car driver saw a biker in front of him and immediately changed lanes.

Lane Change Gone Wrong: Tata Nexon Crashes Into Median While Overtaking Truck [Video]
Nexon crashed

The truck hit the rear of the Tata Nexon, and the SUV driver lost control almost immediately. The alert truck driver swerved away from the car, turning the steering wheel to the left and stopping the vehicle. The Nexon crashed into the median and toppled. The video doesn’t share much information about the occupants in the Nexon, but we expect that they are all safe with only minor injuries.

The Tata Nexon is a compact SUV known for its build quality. It is a 5-star rated SUV in the Global NCAP crash test. However, that doesn’t give anyone the right to drive recklessly. In this case, the Nexon driver was clearly at fault. It is a good example that shows why it is important to remain alert and patient while driving in India.

If the Nexon driver had maintained a safe distance from the truck and waited for an opportunity to overtake, this accident wouldn’t have happened. This video also shows why it is important to follow rules. If you are driving behind or next to a heavy vehicle like a bus or truck, it is always a good idea to maintain a safe distance as these vehicles require more distance to slow down or stop compared to cars.

Never overtake from the left side of a vehicle and always ensure that the driver of the vehicle can see your vehicle. If the truck driver had not moved the truck away from the SUV, it would have been crushed, and the occupants would have been seriously injured. Drive safely and do not put your own life and the lives of other road users at risk.