Loose Screw Causes Tata Nexon EV Breakdown In The Middle Of Forest

Nexon EV gear lever trouble

Tata vehicles are gaining popularity in the Indian market due to their build quality. However, when it comes to reliability, it appears that Tata has some improvements to make. There are several incidents online where customers have reported issues with their Tata cars. The manufacturer promptly acts in such situations and attempts to resolve the issues. Here we have another case where a loose screw caused an almost new Tata Nexon EV to break down in the middle of a forest.


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The video was shared by Dr. Swathi Venkatraman on her Instagram page. In this video, the owner shares an incident where their almost new Tata Nexon EV SUV broke down while they were on a family trip. In the video, we can see that the gear lever on the Tata Nexon EV was not responding, and because of this, they were unable to move the car forward or in reverse.

The owner mentions that the SUV broke down in a forest, but luckily, they were not stranded as they had other family members traveling with them in another car.

After the car broke down, they called for help, and RSA picked up the car on a flatbed. They took the car to the service center, and upon inspection, it was found that the issue was caused by a loose screw. A screw in the monoshifter had come loose, causing the issue.

The service staff at the dealership told the owner that it might be a manufacturing defect or could have been a result of wear and tear from regular usage. The chances of wear and tear on a brand new Tata Nexon EV are unlikely, and the customer suspects that it was a manufacturing defect.

Loose Screw Causes Tata Nexon EV Breakdown In The Middle Of Forest
Nexon EV breakdown

The issue was detected, and the service center resolved it within 24 hours. The owner is very happy with how the Tata dealership or service center handled the case and resolved the issue within 24 hours. However, she is still disappointed that such an issue happened with a relatively new car.

The comment section under this video has several sarcastic comments like “Typical Tata. Get used to this,” and “Tata logic: safety would be 100% if the car won’t move.” It seems this is not an isolated case. Other Nexon EV customers have commented under this video. One of them wrote, “We should make a group of people who suffer from the gear problem. It’s been 3 months since we bought the Nexon, and I am suffering from the same issue.”

The owner mentions in the post that they have learned a few things from this incident. They are going to be prepared for such unexpected incidents in the future. This means they are not very confident about the product.

It may seem like a minor issue, but the car owner would have been stranded in the forest until help reached them if they didn’t have a backup vehicle with them when the accident happened. Getting stuck at a remote location with a car that doesn’t work properly is not something anyone appreciates.