5 Star Rated Tata Nexon’s Owner Makes Kid Sit On Moving SUV’s Roof [Video]

Kid standing up through sunroof of a Tata Nexon EV, meme of Batman slapping Robin

5-Star Safety does not mean that kids standing up or sitting on car roof is a safe activity!

The most commonly sought-after feature by many new car buyers in India is an electric sunroof. This was once a premium feature offered only in luxury cars. However, over the years, it has become available in affordable cars as well. The majority of customers who have bought cars with sunroofs have no idea how to use them properly. Most of them use it to stand out while the car is in motion. Here, we have a video where a man who bought a 5-star Tata Nexon EV made his child sit on the roof of the SUV while driving.

The video was shared by Third Eye on X. The video is from Karnataka, although the exact location is not known. In this video, we see a Tata Nexon EV moving through the busy roads of Bengaluru. This is the pre-facelift version, and in the video, we see a child sitting on the roof of the SUV, out of the sunroof.

The car is moving through the road while the child enjoys the view. The video was posted online with the caption, “We have all seen kids standing on the car sunroof, but this one here will blow your mind – a kid sitting on the sunroof! One sudden brake or another vehicle rear-ending is all it takes to bring the kid to the floor. Please don’t let your kids do this.”

The comment section under this video is filled with comments like “Sarcasm Alert: He’s driving a 5-star car, so nothing will happen to him. He’s driving an EV, so he’s more environmentally conscious than others,” and “India doesn’t understand why sunroofs are there in the first place. Unless there are strong punishments, including suspension of licenses, these incidents will simply continue…”

5 Star Rated Tata Nexon’s Owner Makes Kid Sit On Moving SUV’s Roof [Video]
Kid sitting on Nexon EV’s roof

Most people misusing the sunroof do not realize how dangerous this premium feature is. There have been cases where people have fallen off the vehicle after losing balance. We have also seen people get injured after hitting their heads on the roof while trying to stand out of the sunroof. Low-lying electric wires and threads used to fly kites all pose threats to kids standing out of the sunroof.

The Nexon EV is known for its acceleration, and if the child sitting on the roof had lost balance, he would have been pulled out of the car by the acceleration force and would have fallen either on the road or injured himself by crashing into one of the poles on the median. In both cases, the child would have been injured. It is for these reasons that it is always recommended not to get involved in such stunts.

We have written stories about the misuse of sunroofs several times; however, it seems like people never care about it. In some states, cops have started taking action against people who perform such stunts. It remains to be seen if Bengaluru traffic police will act on this matter or not.

Why do cars have sunroofs?

Sunroofs are primarily designed to facilitate air circulation in vehicles. However, in India, where many cities suffer from high levels of pollution, the practicality of using sunroofs for their intended purpose may seem questionable. This is why some individuals believe that sunroofs are meant to be opened and utilized for standing, allowing the wind to directly hit their faces.

Keeping the windows open while driving at high speeds can lead to direct airflow into the eyes, potentially causing issues. On the other hand, sunroofs are designed to recirculate the air within the vehicle without significant wind disturbance.