2024 Tata Nexon Owner Lists The Good And The Bad Points of Mahindra XUV 3XO

mahindra xuv x3O vs Tata Nexon Facelift

Today, we will compare the recently launched Mahindra XUV 3XO with the Tata Nexon. Both of these cars are from Indian manufacturers and compete in the sub compact SUV segment. The video is uploaded on YouTube by DDS which give us a review of the 3XO from the perspective of a Nexon owner. However, as the reviewer owns a Nexon, the review may be biased. So, it is always advised to check the options yourself before making a decision.

The video starts with introduction of the cars and the owner. Both the SUVs are petrol automatic. However, the XUV 3XO is a torque converter while the Nexon is an AMT.

Design and dimensions

In terms of dimensions, the Nexon is taller while the 3XO is broader. Before diving into the details, looks are completely subjective and the choices may vary from person to person. The Nexon owner mentions that the black component of the rear bumper is too much in the 3XO and it looks odd.

Comparing to the Nexon, he mentions that this exists in Nexon as well but it is kept very minimal. Boot space has always been a problem with the 3XO and the owner mentions that the Nexon has much better boot space.

The owner mentions that the front profile looks overdone and he did not like the overall look of the 3XO. He mentions that Nexon looks much better than the 3XO.


In the interior the owner likes few things about the 3XO which are panoramic sunroof, electric parking brake, cooled glove box, adjustable headrests, LED cabin lights and steel pedals. However, he criticizes the interior theme. He mentions that due to the light interior color, the cost of maintenance would go up as this would get dirty frequently.

Overall, he mentions that the cabin of the 3XO feels much more premium than the Nexon. In terms of space, the 3XO easily beats the Nexon. He adds that under thigh support lacks in both the SUVs.

The owner criticizes the touch controls of the Nexon, he mentions that giving buttons is necessary as touch controls are distracting. Talking about the 360 degree camera, he states that it looks unrealistic in the 3XO and the Nexon has a far better 360 degree setup.

He adds that the infotainment system of the 3XO is smoother and the UI is way better than that of the Nexon.

Drive review

2024 Tata Nexon Owner Lists The Good And The Bad Points of Mahindra XUV 3XO

The owner mentions that he has been driving AMT since long time. Before the Nexon, he owned a Swift VXi with an AMT transmission. He mentions that the pickup of the 3XO is better and it has a more sporty driving experience. Overall, he mentions that the transmission feels smoother, faster and it has a fun to drive element to it.

The owner takes the 3XO to a rough patch to check the approach angle. He adds that the approach angle of Nexon is better than that of the 3XO.

The NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels of the 3XO are far less than the Nexon. He tries all three modes of the 3XO and he adds that he loved the drive modes of the 3XO feel better than the Nexon.

The suspension of both the SUVs is on softer side but the 3XO feels better. Both the SUVs have a bit of turbo lag. He mentions that both the SUVs have body roll but the cushioning of the 3XO holds the person in place better than the Nexon.

In terms of fuel economy, both the SUVs deliver similar numbers of 14 to 16 kmpl on highway. Concluding the video, the owner mentions that if someone is looking for pure driving experience, he should opt for the 3XO.