Tata Punch Rolls Back And Falls Off Cliff: Driver Narrowly Escapes [Video]

tata punch rescue fail

We have said several times that driving a 2WD vehicle off-road is extremely dangerous and should never be done. People often do not realize how dangerous off-roading can be. They often get stuck on such off-road tracks alone and have to wait for hours before help arrives. There have even been cases where people have ended up in crashes due to their carelessness. Here we have one such video of a Tata Punch attempting to climb a steep slope, losing control, and falling off the cliff.

Bro escaped on time
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The video was shared by a user on Reddit. The exact details of the crash are not available; however, it looks like the accident happened somewhere in Jammu and Kashmir. We see a Tata Punch with a JK number plate being pushed by a couple of men.

It appears that the entry-level SUV or micro SUV from Tata had slipped off the road and was stuck on a slope.

It is not clear if the men standing around the car were traveling in the Punch or if they were simply there to help the driver. The men tried to push the Tata Punch to safety. However, the front-wheel-drive Punch was losing traction on the loose gravel on the slope. The front-wheel-drive SUV was definitely struggling.

The Punch started rolling back down the slope, and one of the men pushing the car from the rear decided to move away from the vehicle as it was extremely dangerous. We see him walk away from the vehicle, and just as he reaches the front, the SUV continues to roll back, and there was nothing the driver could do.

Tata Punch Rolls Back And Falls Off Cliff: Driver Narrowly Escapes [Video]
Punch rolls down a hill

Gravity was doing its job, and the driver decided to jump out of the driving seat. The car rolled over several times while going down the slope. The driver managed to escape in time, avoiding severe injuries. The video was recorded by a person present at the spot. It is not clear if the SUV was deliberately driven off-road to showcase its capabilities or if the owner was trying to save his vehicle after it veered off the road.

If the car was driven off-road, this is a great example of why one should not do it. However, if it was an accident, we feel sad for the owner. In this video, we can see that he was the last person to let go of the vehicle. The driver escaped the crash without any major injuries.

Front-wheel-drive cars are often extremely difficult to drive on such terrains. An AWD or 4×4 system works in a manner that sends power to all four wheels, helping them go over any obstacle. In this case, only the front wheels of the Punch had power, and it does not have the most powerful engine in the segment.

The SUV struggled on the slope and started rolling back. Ideally, the car should have been pulled back onto the road by a crane. The Tata Punch is an entry-level hatchback that has scored a 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test.