Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

Tata Punch Vs Nexon

The immensely popular micro-SUV from Tata Motors, the Punch, has managed to consistently outsell the Tata Nexon for the past five months in 2024. Between January and May 2024, the Punch recorded a remarkable 92,070 units sold, surpassing the Nexon’s 68,260 units. Now, if you are a buyer looking to buy either of these two SUVs, here are the pros and cons of both Tata SUVs.

Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

Sales Analysis of Tata Punch

The Tata Punch, which was first launched in October 2021, has become an extremely popular vehicle in India. In FY2024, the Punch emerged as India’s third-highest-selling SUV, with 169,844 units sold. This marked a 27% year-on-year increase.

The Punch’s monthly sales in November 2023 were 14,383 units, and in December 2023 it was 13,787 units. From January till April of this year, the sales were 17,978 units, 18,438 units, 17,547 units, and 19,158 units, respectively.

The Punch’s consistent sales growth can be attributed to its compact design, high ground clearance, and strong safety ratings. From January 2024 onwards, the Punch consistently outperformed the Nexon, with significant monthly differences in units sold.

Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

In January 2024, Punch outsold Nexon by 796 units, and in February by 4,043 units. In March, the Punch outsold Nexon by 3,489 units, and in April it outsold its sibling by 7,990 units.

Lastly, in May 2024, Punch outsold Nexon by 7,492 units. Overall, this results in a total difference of 23,810 units between the Punch and the Nexon during this period. The Punch’s contribution to Tata Motors’ estimated cumulative UV sales of 181,295 units from January to May 2024 is around 50.78% of these sales.

Sales Analysis of Tata Nexon

Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

The Tata Nexon, although a longstanding bestseller, has faced a slowdown in its sales. Despite being the top-selling SUV in FY2024 with 171,929 units, the sales of this SUV have slightly declined by 0.10% compared to previous years.
The Nexon’s sales in November 2023 were 14,916 units.

Following this, in December, the sales tally was 15,284 units. As for this year, in January 2024, its sales were 17,182 units, and they were 14,395 units in February. March 2024 sales stood at 14,058 units, while in April they were 11,168.

Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

Tata Motors has benefited from Nexon by offering it with multiple drivetrain options. The company offers the Nexon in 72 variants across petrol (34 variants), diesel (28 variants), and electric (10 variants). Tata Motors is currently also planning to introduce the Nexon iCNG.

This new variant, showcased at the Bharat Mobility Show, will make Nexon the only vehicle in India to offer an extensive lineup of powertrains, including petrol, diesel, CNG, and electric.

Tata Punch: Pros and Cons

Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs


Compact and Agile

The Punch’s dimensions are small on the outside, but the SUV is still spacious on the inside. This makes it exceptionally maneuverable in cities and still comfortable for 5 people to drive around. It is equally agile as well.

Safety Ratings

The Punch has achieved a 5-star Global NCAP rating. It is currently the only micro-SUV in the country to achieve this rating, and it has become a big selling point for safety-conscious buyers.

Fuel Efficiency

The Punch offers excellent fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for daily commuters. It has managed to lure in many buyers from urban areas where fuel costs can be a significant part of the monthly budget.

Modern Features

This micro-SUV comes equipped with advanced infotainment systems, including touchscreen interfaces, smartphone connectivity, and premium audio systems. Hence, it has become very popular amongst first-time car buyers.

Affordable Price

Starting at Rs 6.13 lakh for the base petrol variant, the Punch becomes an affordable car for first-time buyers. It is one of the best cars for budget-conscious individuals looking for value without compromising on quality.

Stylish Design

The exterior design of the Punch is very modern and stylish. It is characterized by bold lines and a macho appearance. It appeals to a lot of younger buyers.

Variety of Options

The Punch is available with multiple engine options. Its range includes petrol, CNG, and electric. It offers flexibility to consumers with different preferences and needs.

Comfortable Interiors

Despite its compact size, the Punch offers a spacious and comfortable interior, with adequate legroom and headroom for passengers. Tata Punch best selling car.

Ground Clearance

With a high ground clearance, the Punch can easily navigate rough roads and minor off-road conditions. This adds to the versatility of this micro-SUV and makes it appealing to rural buyers as well.

Eco-friendly Variants

The CNG and electric variants provide environmentally friendly options. These models are luring in more buyers who do not want to buy traditional ICE vehicles.


Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

Engine Performance

While adequate for city driving, the Punch’s engine might feel underpowered on highways or during overtaking maneuvers, especially when fully loaded.

Interior Space

The Punch, being a compact SUV, may feel cramped for taller passengers, particularly on longer trips where comfort becomes crucial.

Noise Insulation

At higher speeds, engine and road noise can penetrate the cabin, reducing the overall comfort of the driving experience.

Boot Space

The Punch’s boot space is smaller compared to some competitors. This can be a limitation for families or individuals who frequently carry large amounts of luggage.

Transmission Options

The Punch offers limited transmission choices, which might not cater to all driving preferences.

Basic Base Variant

The entry-level variants of the Punch are quite basic. They lack many of the features that are standard in higher trims. This can also prove to be a deterring factor for some buyers.

Resale Value

As a relatively new model in the market, the Punch’s long-term resale value remains uncertain. Due to this, many buyers may not want to opt for this model.

Limited Service Network

Depending on the location, Tata’s service centers may be less accessible. This poses a challenge for owners in terms of maintenance and repairs.


Some drivers might find the rear visibility less than optimal due to the design of the Punch, which can affect parking and maneuvering.

Waiting Period

The Tata Punch, because of its high demand, especially for popular variants, has led to long waiting queues. These long waiting periods can frustrate potential buyers.

Tata Nexon: Pros and Cons

Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs



The Nexon has consistently achieved high safety ratings, including a 5-star Global NCAP rating, ensuring excellent occupant protection.

Variety of Powertrains

The Nexon’s availability in petrol, diesel, and electric variants caters to a broad range of consumer preferences, providing flexibility and choice.

Spacious Cabin

With its generous interior space, the Nexon offers ample legroom and headroom, making it comfortable for long journeys and accommodating more passengers.

Modern Tech Features

The Nexon is equipped with advanced connectivity and infotainment systems, including a touchscreen interface, smartphone connectivity, and premium audio options.

Strong Build Quality

Like all other Tata SUVs, the Nexon is known for its durable construction. The Nexon is built to withstand rigorous use by Indian car buyers.

Comfortable Ride

The Nexon’s suspension is very good and provides a smooth ride over various road conditions. On the inside, it feels very comfortable.

Stylish Design

Its contemporary design, characterized by bold styling, has helped it achieve high sales figures. Overall, it looks very aggressive yet modern from the outside, making the Nexon stand out in its segment.

Efficient Electric Model

The Nexon EV offers a good range and low running costs, appealing to environmentally conscious buyers and those looking for long-term savings on fuel.

Value for Money

Tata Motors offers the Nexon at a competitive price. It is a feature-rich offering and provides great value for money, attracting budget-conscious buyers.

Responsive Handling

Despite its size, the Nexon is agile and fun to drive. This SUV is particularly easy to drive in urban areas such as congested city roads, where maneuverability is essential.


Tata Punch Outsells Nexon 5 Months In A Row: Pros & Cons Of Both SUVs

Noise Levels

Some engine variants of the Nexon can be noisy, especially under strain. This is because the company offers it with slightly smaller capacity engines. This can detract from the overall driving experience for some buyers.

Inconsistent After-sales Service

The quality of after-sales service can vary significantly by region. However, many people are skeptical of Tata’s after-sales service quality.

Boot Space

The Nexon’s boot space is smaller compared to some rivals. This can become a huge issue for some buyers who like to take their cars on longer road trips carrying large amounts of luggage.

Infotainment System Bugs

Tata Nexon, like all other modern Tata cars, has suffered occasional software glitches in the infotainment system. This can be frustrating for some users, impacting the overall user experience.

Transmission Choices

The company offers the Nexon with an AMT gearbox, which can feel slightly sluggish to some drivers. This can affect the driving dynamics and responsiveness of the vehicle.


Due to its smaller rear window, the rear and side visibility can be challenging for some drivers. This can make it potentially hard to maneuver and park. Tata Nexon beats Maruti Brezza.

Heavy Steering

To some drivers, the steering of the Tata Nexon could feel slightly heavy in city driving conditions. It can make it less convenient for some users, particularly those who live in tight urban spaces.

Resale Value

The Nexon depreciates faster than some of its competitors. Due to this, its resale value is not as good, so this could have an effect on the long-term ownership costs and value.

Fuel Efficiency

The diesel model, in particular, is not as fuel-efficient as some of its competitors. This can affect its overall running costs, which could be a deal-breaker for some people.

Interior Plastics

To some buyers, the interior plastic materials can feel slightly cheap, which can reduce the overall premium feel of the vehicle.