Toyota Fortuner Decked Up With A Lexus Carbon Fiber Kit Looks Smashing [Video]

toyota fortuner lexus carbon fiber kit

You may have seen multiple modified Fortuner with upsized alloy wheels, aftermarket body kits and much more. Today, we will cover something really unique – Toyota Fortuner Carbon Fiber edition which is showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by Mihir Galat.

The video starts with the introduction of the owner of the SUV who is the owner of DJ Automotive. He adds that they keep trying new things which are never done in India. This Toyota Fortuner is loaded with cosmetic mods only and nothing has been changed mechanically.

First of all, an aftermarket body kit is installed in the car which is inspired from Lexus, hence the name Lexus kit. This kit includes front bumpers, rear skirting, front grille and side skirts. Hydraulic struts are added to the bonnet for added convenience. The headlights are upgraded to Fortuner Legender headlights.

Toyota Fortuner Decked Up With A Lexus Carbon Fiber Kit Looks Smashing [Video]

The alloy wheels of the SUV are upsized to 20-inch from 18-inch. Further, he adds that these wheels have lifted the car and they weigh half than the original wheels. Additionally, the ORVM covers are replaced with original carbon fiber covers.

Regarding the interior, the theme has been changed to black with cream. Additional loadings in the interior include ambient lighting, carbon fiber steering wheel and GR Sport gear lever. Talking about the steering wheel, he mentions that carbon fiber steering wheel weighs much less and improves steering feel.

He adds that this ambient lighting is specifically for the Fortuner only and its colors can be changed through the app. A surprising modification which is done in this car is the installation of ventilated seats.

The button for this function is fitted next to the seat adjustment buttons which gives it an OEM look. He further adds that this seat ventilation is based on suction technology and does not cause any joint pain even after prolonged usage.

The car is fitted with an electronic foot step which is a trendy modification nowadays. He mentions the cost for this foot step which is Rs. 55,000.

The taillights of the car are also replaced with smoked Legender lights. The host takes this car for a spin and mentions that even in mechanically stock condition, the Fortuner has more than enough power. The owner of the car adds that this is one of the reasons he did not opt for any performance modifications.

The stock Fortuner sold in India gets 2 engine options – a 2.7 liter petrol and the overwhelming favourite – the 2.8 liter turbo diesel. Both engines are four cylinder units. While the petrol makes 164 Bhp-245 Nm in both manual and automatic trims, the diesel engine gets 2 states of tune. With the 6 speed manual gearbox, the diesel motor makes 201 Bhp-420 Nm and with the 6 speed torque converter automatic, the same engine pushes out 201 Bhp-500 Nm. While the petrol Fortuner is rear wheel driven, the diesel gets rear wheel drive and four wheel drive options.

The host asks the owner if he would prefer Fortuner of the Endeavour. The owner answers that he likes the looks of the Fortuner so he bought this SUV back in 2016. Rest he states that both the SUVs are equally reliable. However, he feels that the Endeavour is more powerful than the Fortuner.